Partner List

After completing one year of study at NUCB Business School and one year of study abroad, students in our Double Degree Program obtain two Masters degrees - one at our school and one at a partner school. This unique program provides an advanced experience of international education, and a unique qualification with which to further your career in the global business community.

MSc Degrees

  • EDHEC Business School (France)
  • Audencia Nantes School of Management (France)
  • NEOMA (France)
  • ESC Rennes (France)
  • ICN Business School (France)
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management (France)

MSc / MBA Degrees

  • Zagreb School of Economics and Management (Croatia)

MBA Degrees

  • HHL Leipzig (Germany)
  • University of Alberta (Canada)
  • ESAN (Peru)

How to Apply

- Complete the application form and procedures as a regular degree student at NUCB
- Consult with the NUCB Business School international affairs staff before enrollment
- Select the double degree partner school and program, inform the School staff
- Nomination to the partner school and completion of additional application documents
- Complete the application and receive results of the application

*In the case of regular degree students who are enrolled with the intent for a double degree program, all mandatory courses for our graduation completion and Case Writing must be taken in the first year of study. The second year of study will be spent abroad at the partner institution. Please note that many double degree programs start their terms in Fall semester.