Management Board

Dean, Yasutomi Kitahara

Dean Kitahara graduated from the School of Science in Applied Mathematics at Tokyo University of Science and also completed the coursework for his doctorate at the School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University. Since the establishment of his own business, he has conducted research and has been involved in education and consultation in the field of software by focusing on two domains; group communication and strategic decision-making. In the field of strategic decision-making, he worked on value evaluation and simulation of business value and the risk for new business plans and development projects. He also developed software to assist in learning venture strategy development methodology (DDP), invented by the Professor Macmillan at Wharton Business School.

Associate Dean, Masao Tsuji

Associate Dean Tsuji completed his Ph.D in 1978 from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in Philosophy. His academic career has spanned lecturing duties at Waseda University where he currently also holds the post of Professor Emeritus. In addition, he has held posts at the Asian-Pacific Management Accounting Association as Senior Director from 2015 to 2017 and currently as the President-elect. His major research areas include management control, business analysis and valuation, and accounting policies by management and publications include topics such as earnings management and accounting standards and management behavior.

Associate Dean, Takehiko Ito

After graduating from School of Commerce at Waseda University in 1991, Associate Dean Takehiko Ito entered Fuji Research Institute, launched and managed a venture company, and was the head of Mercer Japan Nagoya, a consulting firm specializing in human and institutional resource management. He began his teaching career in 2005 at NUCB Business School and became a full-time professor in 2008. He also completed the MBA program at Durham University Business School in the UK.

Associate Dean, Hiroyuki Kurimoto

Associate Dean Kurimoto graduated from School of Business Administration at Kobe University and obtained his master's degree and doctorate degree both in Economics at Osaka University. His main topic of research was the strategy of product development, and he has published a wide range of theses regarding the analysis of competitive standardization based on product architecture and product life-cycle. His most recent research focuses on business succession and long-life companies.

Managing Director, Kyoko Hayakawa

She has more than 35 years of experience as a university staff in administration, communication for internal and external relations, admissions, international affairs, international accreditation, and etc. to develop and manage NUCB and its parent institution of Kurimoto Educational Institution (KEI ) after she graduated TSUDA University, Tokyo. She started the current position of Managing Director at the NUCB Business School in 2002.

Chair Faculties

Chair of Center for Case Method, Haruo Takagi

Dr. Haruo Takagi earned his DBA from Harvard University, Graduate School of Business Administration in 1984 after completing both a Bachelor ('73) and Master degree ('75) from Keio University. Dr. Takagi's professional background includes positions at Toray Business Research Institute as a consultant and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT). His research includes topics as diverse as organizational behavior and information technology leadership in networks and organizational communication and organizational innovation. His publications include The Flaw in Japanese Management and various contributions to Japanese management journals. He has held instructor positions at Keio Business School and recently joined the NUCB Business School as an instructor and the Chair of the Center for Case Method.

Chair of Case Development Yamaoka Takashi

Professor Takashi brings a strong practitioner background having served in positions as the Head of Business Development, Director and CMO in charge of business development, marketing strategy and digital marketing. He was an awarded member of the “Digital Contents EXPO” which is sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the “Campus Venture Grand Prix”. He has conducted lectures to a variety of organizations or corporations such as the CMO Japan Summit, Nihon Keizai Newspaper, Google, IBM and so on. He graduated with a MSc from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and currently holds the Chair of Case Development at the NUCB Business School while maintaining affiliations with the Japan Commerce Association, Japan Consumer Behavior Research Association, and Japan Advertising Society.

Chair of Research Promotion, Yu-Hsu Sean Hsu

Professor Dr. Yu-Hsu Sean Hsu obtained his BBA from Meiji University, and both his M.A. (in Organisation Studies) and Ph.D. from Warwick Business School, UK. His research interests include multinational firms, comparative capitalism, human resource management and family businesses with a strong focus on emerging markets in Asia. Sean has held positions at the University of London (SOAS), the University of Wales, the University of Oxford, the University of Tsukuba, International University Japan and Rikkyo University. His work has appeared in journals such as the Journal of International Management and Asia Pacific Business Review.

Chair of Center for Entrepreneurs, Yuriko Sawatani

She received her Ph.D. at The University of Tokyo. After graduating from Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology, she joined IBM, software research and development. After working at IBM's R&D strategy, she moved to IBM research as a strategist of personal systems. She was assigned to research strategy at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, and started service research since 2005 by leading On Demand Innovation Services. She was appointed to a fellow at Japan Science and Technology Agency, and established service science research in Japan. She joined Waseda University in 2013, and had lectures at several universities, including Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Operation and Management

The NUCB Business School is part of the Kurimoto Educational Institution (KEI) and was established to provide high-quality postgraduate business education. The KEI's Board of Directors determines the KEI's overall strategic direction and appoints one of its members as Dean of the Business School (Graduate school of Management). Subsequently, the remit of the Dean is to develop and implement the School’s own strategic and practical plans in line with the broader KEI strategy. The NUCB Business School has a high degree of both theoretical and practical autonomy in all matters regarding its operation and management. With the exception of major financial decisions, for which it must seek approval from the KEI, within the School’s autonomous remit covers the following:

  • Academic, operational and managerial strategy and planning
  • Programme design and implementation
  • Personnel policy and staff development (including full powers to appoint faculty)
  • International activities, including recruitment, acceptance from and sending students to partner schools and corporate visits
  • Management of most financial resources
  • Promotional and student recruitment activities