July 17 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament

Four lucky international students of the Global Leader Program received tickets to the 2018 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on Monday, July 16th. The tickets were provided as a gift from NUCB President, Dr. Kurimoto, who wanted exchange students from our partner schools to have a uniquely Japanese experience as part of their study abroad.

Student Comments

"Witnessing a sumo tournament in person represents one of the rare chances that foreigners have to catch a first-hand glimpse into centuries-old Japanese traditions and rituals. "

"In the afternoon, when it was the time of the senior division, nobody was talking anymore and the sense of excitement becomes more and more palpable as the senior fighters enter the dohyō for the opening ceremony."

"We got the box seat, which is close to the stage. So we can see the game clearly. We found out the fighters always gargle before the game start. That means they pure themselves before the game. "

"That means the game is very quick and fierce, but the sumo always respect each other. This spirit really touched me, and makes me respect sumo much more after this experience."

"Sumo is filled with meanings and values that makes it a living heritage of Japanese traditions.
Having the chance to watch Sumo wrestlers was an outstanding traditional Japanese experience, which has both enrich my erudition and my passion for Japan."

Global Leader Program

Global Leader Program

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