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The NUCB Business School's MBA program is currently ranked No. 1 in Japan by top ranking organizations QS and FT. In addition, all classes are taught using 100% Case Method, using the latest business cases. These business cases paint a vivid picture of the management issues faced by real companies on a daily basis. Students vicariously experience the situation from a manager’s perspective as they read the case and participate in a series of class discussions. Through the wide scale of experiences represented by several hundred cases, students are given first hand experience in decision making from a manager’s standpoint, allowing them to further advance their practical management skills. These varied global business case discussions are facilitated by international practitioner faculty members in a classroom of diverse students with a range of professional & academic backgrounds, giving our degree candidates a robust education from diverse global perspectives.

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Academic Programs

The Business School offers an internationally accredited MBA and EMBA is offered in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Since 2003, pioneering students have been undertaking Japan's longest running MBA program as a weekend course, the largest in Japan with over 95% of participants working professionals with abundant practical experience.

  • Executive MBA

    The Executive MBA in Japan is aimed at training leaders and executives in globally and locally active companies. We cultivate a core group of managers from various organizations including executives, small/ medium enterprise managers, entrepreneurs and consultants driven to lead with the Executive MBA Degree. We learn the necessary abilities to solve problems and engage in decision-making in a way that overlooks the whole organization by methods developed with the practical case method.


  • MBA

    The MBA is aimed at training “innovation talent” able to create new value with methods never before used in large global corporations. The strength stems from a concrete understanding of small business innovation that includes women at the SME, community and individual levels to cultivate MBA skills. In addition to value imagination, such as creative attitude, we also develop value-gaining capacities to carry out innovation and management skills to make the organization innovative.


  • MSc in Management

    The MSc is aimed at training human resources at globally-minded companies who will be the core of management – including senior executives of global enterprises, entrepreneurs, consultants, managers of SMEs and venture companies responsible for regional revitalization. Framed in the context of Japan, students learn numerous management theories, frameworks and soft skills all conducted in 100% with international students gathered from all over the world.


  • MSc in Accountancy & Taxation

    The program is aimed at training tax accountants in Japan who can contribute to sustainable economic development and society by forging a connection between companies and society through expert tax knowledge, accounting and management skills at the Master level. The taxation side focuses on international tax, business succession and organization restricting and the accounting side focuses on preparing financial statements for any sized company.


Executive Education

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

    A certified management study course taken online at weekends over one year, to prepare candidates for business school.


  • Focused Programs

    Live virtual courses which can be taken on weekends covering the essentials of the MBA most useful to management professionals (company dispatch available).


Case Method

The Case Method is an education method which was rapidly made famous by Harvard's "Incandescent Classroom." NUCB Business School contributes towards research and the development of Case Method education. With an aim to increase the quality of the teaching methods of domestic business schools' faculty, the "Case Method Research Institute" has been established as an authority on case method education.

It is the mission of our school to translate top quality cases which have been developed around the world, and in particular to offer seminars on the teaching method, to convey the value and attraction of Case Method education to a large number of educators.

  • Case Method

    Managers are required to have logical thinking, creative thinking, as well as leadership skills. The case method of the NUCB Business School enables budding professionals to obtain these skills through preparation for the courses, teamwork, and class discussions.



Brochure & Application Guide

Download materials that comprehensively introduce programs of study, employment, and international exchange at the NUCB Business School, as well as materials that introduce in detail the schedule and examination subjects of last year's entrance examinations, a collection of entrance examination questions, entrance examination data, and entrance qualification examination forms.

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    A selection of entrance exams for the MBA are available. For further details, please see the admission selection, application method, scholarships and the tuition fees table.