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MBA Wars: Attack of the High Tech Machines

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Modern warfare is information warfare, and an Israeli company recently announced a wearable device for infantry, a visor that can distinguish between friend and foe and calculate ballistics using AR functions. Some may wish to have a wearable device that can calculate the timing of which statement to "shoot" and contribute to discussion in a board meeting or sit-down with clients. The case method was born about 100 years ago in 1920 to instill the type of perspective and instincts that will make business communication second nature to those who master it.

At that time, there were no personal computers (1974), projectors (1973), or internet (1960), and classes were conducted on blackboards with cases printed on paper. In a way, the modern MBA is over-armed. A century has passed since the birth of the case, and the cases have become more diverse.

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