How much is the approximate living expense per month in Nagoya?

The average cost that the exchange students spend per month is 60,000 - 90,000 JPY excluding the accommodation fee.

Are there any activities outside of the classes?

Yes! We offer two company visits per semester, including Toyota company and a short trip. We went to Takayama, which has a World Heritage site village last summer and Kyoto last Autumn. We also hold parties and events to experience Japanese culture.

Are there any items recommended to bring from home?

According to the international students' questionnaire, it is mainly recommended to bring "an adapter", "medicines", "an umbrella" and "curiosity". However, most students find almost everything they need in Japan.

Can students choose their residences?

Students are automatically allocated to one of our students' residences, we are unable to accept personal requests.

Do students need to submit an application form for NUCB Business School scholarship?

Exchange students staying at our residences automatically become a candidate for residence scholarship and thus do not need to submit any application forms. The scholarship recipients are selected based on their transcript and other documents submitted upon their nominations.

Is there a holiday break during the academic year?

Our exchange program follows a western schedule by ending classes before Christmas in December with summer vacation during the month of August. You will have time to travel or complete a long-term internship.

Which months are classes held?

The classes are held from April to late July, September to late December (or to late February).

Is a Japanese language course offered?

Yes, we offer beginner's level Japanese language courses for international students to survive in Japan every semester. If students wish to take higher level of Japanese language courses, it would be still possible to take them at the undergraduate campus or at some language centers at cheap cost.

How many courses can students register per semester?

Exchange students can register up to 18 credits (approximately 9 courses) per semester. If the home institution requires students to take more credits during their exchange period, please consult us the NUCB Business School staff.

How many credits does each course have?

Each course has 2 NUCB Business School credits which are equivalent to 3 ECTS credits with 1,400 minutes of class hours (100min. x 14 class meetings and examination). There are some intensive courses which have 1 credit with 700 minutes of class hours.

Do students need to pay for class materials?

Students need to purchase the textbooks and other materials themselves. Most courses are conducted by using e-casebooks which provided in data and students must pay for them in cash at the office. The e-case fees differ from each course, but approximately 2,000 - 4,000 JPY per a course.