Case ID 16-1121
Published 2016
Industry Code 767
Subject Accounting & control

Abstract After You stock has been attracted most of the local investors due to it was the first time in Thai history that dessert caf? having an IPO. It was a talk of the town about the future of the company after going public. On the first day of the trading, After You’s stock (AU) P/E ratio on the 23 December 2016 was raised from 32.5 to 93.56, which broke all analysts predicted ceiling price. Moreover, the origin of the company made investors even more interested due to the high growth 35-39% annually from the very first year of their operation. The passion and interest of young girl who just want to have her own dessert caf? and doing what does she passionate with. Therefore, the business style is a family business like company, which means the company structure is not well structuralized. However, once this company designed to have an IPO, surprisingly many investors are fighting for the company pre-trade stocks. On the other hands, some investors claimed that this company stock is too risky to invest in due to the company is relied on the founder, therefore what mistake the top management makes will affect the company future and stakeholder as a whole. Moreover, with the vote right ratio of 1:1 that even makes it more difficult to balance the power within the company. After You offering their IPO price for pre-trading at 4.5 baht with 0.1 PAR, and at the first public trading day the price was opened at 11.9 baht. It is a hot topic among investors and analysts in Thailand whether this IPO price is reasonably fair? Will it provide appropriate returns to the investors? These are the main concern to all investors in Thailand.
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