Case ID 17-1050
Published 2017
Industry Code 411
Subject Accounting & control

Abstract EuropaCorp is one of Europe’s leading film studios. Founded in 2000, EuropaCorp has activities on many stages of the industry value chain: production, theatrical distribution, video/VOD, soundtrack publishing, studio (shooting sets), and post-production effects. The Group has also been producing TV series since 2010 after the acquisition of the seventh French TV series producer Cipango. EuropaCorp’s integrated business model allows the company to benefit from diversified sources of revenue (mainly international sales and film catalogue revenues). The group has now a strong foothold on the international market especially with production of France’s biggest international hits (Lucy, Taken 2, The Fifth Element). In order to increase its internationalization, EuropaCorp signed in 2012 a distribution agreement with the Chinese company Fundamental Films and established in 2014 a joint venture with the American studio Relativity to distribute its own movies respectively on the Chinese and American markets. The group that was founded by the French filmmaker, screenwriter and producer Luc Besson owns a catalogue of 500 movies and has around 160 permanent employees. Before the beginning of the highly important year 2017 marked by the release of Valerian, the most expensive French movie of all time, EuropaCorp operated a major strategic shift with a reserved capital increase of ?60 million for its long-term Chinese partner Fundamental Films representing 28% of the shares.
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