Case ID 17-1052
Published 2017
Industry HOTELS
Industry Code 751
Subject General management

Abstract Jin Jiang International was created by Shanghai Government as a National Guest House in the 1950s. It is now one of the worldwide leading companies in travel and hospitality industry with different business divisions in hotels, transport, travel, realty, industry and finance. The brand “Jin Jiang” is a well known brand in China and the group was having a conservative investment approach ten years ago. However, in order to cope with the “Going Global” Strategy and “One Belt and One Road” Initiave of Chinese government, and improve its competitiveness in the international market, Jin Jiang did a series of merges and acquisitions, espcially the two big deals in 2015. Today, Jin Jiang is facing many challenges in terms of market situation, financial issues, post integration and brand awareness. This case study is applicable for International Merges & Acquisition class and Strategy Class. It provides students with an opportunity to learn the modes and reasons of M&A, and the trend of companies in emerging countires investing in developed countries, especially China. Besides, since Jin Jiang is a typical Chinese state-owned exclusively company, students could understand more the role of the Chinese government in state-owned companies and how these companies compete in the market. In the end of the class, instructor could open an discussion about state-owned companies in different countires to make the class vivid.
Pages 24
Teaching Note Yes