Case ID 17-1053
Published 2017
Industry Code 311
Subject General management

Abstract When Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson’s President and COO, announced their Livewire Project, in June 2014, in front of several specialized journalists, everyone was surprised by the direction the Milwaukee’s manufacturer was taking. Matt Levatich was not only presenting their project, on which his team has been working since 2013, but he also explains how they wanted to introduce their electric bike to the world. Harley Davidson is one the most emblematic bike manufacturer in the world. With this announcement, they were showing to the world their ambition to give a second life to the motorcycle market, which was losing speed after the 2009 Recession. It was the first time an important bike manufacturer was attending the electric vehicle adventure. And the famous manufacturer, worldwide known for its loud V-twin sound, their customers with long beard and leather jackets, was preparing a new model very different from what the market was used to see from them. Will Harley Davidson will disrupt the electric two-wheels market? Where they should focus they effort?
Pages 20
Teaching Note Yes