Case ID 17-1134
Published 2017
Industry Code 281
Subject General management

Abstract The case follows the history of nvidia since its establishment in 1993 until 2017. Nvidia is a GPU manufacturing company, a computer hardware that is specialized for image processing. Since their inception, they have been leading the market with their GPU brand GeForce. In the case, we will see how they be able to seize the market and how can they be associated with the gaming industry because their biggest segment is GPU for video game industry. Not only that, we will also see the rise of another industry that is important to Nvidiasuch as data center and automotive industry. The implementation of AI in these industry is the one that brought Nvidia to this industry. With the help of Nvidia GPU, they will be able to have a functioning AI. Nvidia’s revenue in this segment rise and that’s why they should pay attention to this industry. Because there is also a big threats coming from mobile gaming that will shrink the pc gaming revenue.
Pages 28
Teaching Note Yes