Case ID 18-1192
Published 2018
Industry Code 622
Subject General management

Abstract ANZ generate most of it revenue from its domestic market in Australia (being the third largest bank by market capitalization) and New Zealand being dominance. It offers a broad range of banking services such as retail, commercial and institutional banking in 34 countries. ANZ being one of the profitable banks in Asia Pacific regions focused target came from small, medium and large-scale enterprises servicing. Recently, ANZ experienced lots of challenges that the Australian Government regulators put more pressure, questioning ANZ top managements on existing culture, which lead to several lawsuits and more scrutiny purpose to ensure ANZ meet its obligations and commitment to shareholders, employees and the community at large. Additionally, ANZ also experienced slow growth for the past 5 years due to some external factors mainly the rapidly changing customer banking experiences and expectations together with the dramatically increasing digital fast pace which now currently reshaping the banking industry’s future directions particularly in exploring new opportunities in the emerging Asian market. January 2016 marked a new era for ANZ, a 180-year-old conservative bank becoming aggressive with agility. CEO Elliott and agile team, transform the entire organization to a new culture known as the “agile way of working. Resetting the scene around ANZ businesses with a new ANZ Way, the focus on collaboration to speed deliveries to the customer and revamping the tarnish reputation of the bank. While the overall focus of the agile transformation is speed with stability in the market, hierarchy and bureaucracy are removed from the organization, no more managers but instead squad leaders and product owners are seen working in their squads to deliver better customer needs. Hoping that agile will revamp the toxic culture and retain profit margin of ANZ in this fast pace digital world with constantly changing customer’s expectation.
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