Case ID 10-1048
Published 2010
Industry Code 372
Subject Competitive strategy

Abstract In the perspective of Orascom telecom Bangladesh Ltd; (Banglalink) the product positioning strategy is one of the core business policy which help it to make a market challenger, although Before restarting its service (2005) the situation was totally opposite of Banglalink. It was 4th ranked out of four players where another competitor was controlling and leading the market, but now it is 2nd largest mobile operator in Bangladesh and capturing almost 28% mobile market. This success of Banglalink was based on a simple mission: "bringing mobile telephony to the masses" which was the cornerstone of its strategy. Banglalink changed the mobile phone status from luxury to a necessity and brought mobile telephone to the general people of Bangladesh and made a place in their hearts. The mobile phone has become the symbol for the positive change in Bangladesh.
Pages 20
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