Case ID 11-1048
Published 2011
Industry Code 301
Subject General management

Abstract This case deals with the new, quickly growing market of Tablet Computers. Since 2010 and the introduction of the iPad by Apple Inc, the industry had been upside down, trying to understand, compete and anticipate the future of computers. The miniaturization of devices, the increase in performance and energy consumption of chipsets, and the apparition of the projected tactile interfaces (multiple touch screens) have brought key arguments and pressure to this revolution into the computing industry. In January 2011, more than 20 famous computing ?rms planned a tablet launching before the end of the year. Those companies were facing strong challenges. They had to make technical choices, as well as trying to position their products the most ef?ciently possible and get the best competitive advantage. The case brings a speci?c focus of the strategy adopted by RIM - Blackberry. They launched in April 2011 their Tablet called “Playbook”. According to the ?rst months of sales and the analysts projections, the product seemed to have a limited future in term of market shares. The case written on the base of newspapers, specialized websites, forecasting ?rms, manufacturers websites and press releases intend to make people understand the key success factors of this market and criticize the strategy used by Blackberry as well. What suggestions can be made to the Managers of this ?rm in order to get a better performance and weight compared to the competition is the main issue.
Pages 25
Teaching Note Yes