Case ID 11-1055
Published 2011
Industry Code 94
Subject Operations management

Abstract Up until now, Kagome Co., Ltd. has primarily aimed to permeate the domestic Japanese market with the development of seasonings and beverages made from vegetables , especially tomatoes. In Japan, Kagome maintains an overwhelming market share, has a high rate of graduates who seek employment with them, and is highly valued by its shareholders. Nevertheless, due to changes in society, Kagome's domestic market is shrinking despite belonging to the comparatively stable food industry. This decline has come about at a gradual pace so it has proven difficult to foment a sense of crisis, and indeed, the company’s management has many things to consider. This case study presents general information about the company, such as Kagome’s past, the company’s present business development, and the company’s branding. In addition, this case examines, in light of the macro viewpoint and the latest trends in emerging markets, Kagome's five year plan for the company’s global marketing strategy.
Pages 29
Teaching Note Yes