Case ID 12-1034
Published 2012
Industry Code 163
Subject Organizational behavior & leadership

Abstract Methanex Trinidad Limited which operates two methanol production plants at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate ? Atlas and Titan ? had a tumultuous beginning characterized by deep internal rifts and organizational silos. In May 2006, when Methanex Trinidad Limited was formed, the Atlas and Titan Plants grew out of different organizational cultures which impacted employees’ response to the new administration. Charles Percy, the first Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Methanex Trinidad Limited since 2006 and the President of the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago (2008-2011) was therefore faced with the leadership task of unifying two organizational cultures which portrayed polarized extremes of safety culture, business practices, organizational behaviour and leadership habits. During the first year of operation, the Trinidad site ranked at the bottom of global Methanex sites in almost every domain: Responsible Care (RC), Reliability, Value Creation and People Development. On account of Percy’s organizational leadership style, a series of strategic decisions, carefully timed change initiatives and other channels of support, Methanex Trinidad Limited managed to turn around its fortunes to emerge as the flagship manufacturing site for Methanex.
Pages 29
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