Case ID 12-1042
Published 2012
Industry Code 622
Subject General management

Abstract This case deals with the project financing department of a big German Bank. It concentrates on financing of solar parks. A description of the business model, the risk assessment and an example for a project are provided. The students learn with it to use the SWOT framework, Porter's Five Forces and the analysis of risks. The experiences and required action by one of the Employees of the bank are described. It starts in 2011 and further develops into 2012 as the situation in the company's target markets changes. The insecurity of governments especially after the/ during the financial and debt crisis are a topic as well as the local bureaucracy. Also mistakes and successes of the project finance team are shown and are supposed to be discussed by the students or involved in the case analysis. At the end of the case analysis, students are supposed to be able to introduce improvements to the business model of the department.
Pages 20
Teaching Note Yes