Case ID 12-1092
Published 2102
Industry Code 912
Subject General management

Abstract Reflecting on the twenty years since founding of International Exchange Services (IES), Bailiang Li and Yongbo Yu, CEO and General Manager of IES, felt that they have established a good start on dispatching labors and dedicated themselves to help and elevate human quality of all the labors they have sent abroad. On one hand, being engaged in this career let them understand the distinct conditions of labor markets both in China and in Japan; they found a way to organize the labor units of China, joined the Japan Technical Intern Training Program, became a member of Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) and continuously served to the collaboration of China and Japan in the trade of labor. On the other hand, by being engaged in this career, Li and Yu have seen those trainees’ life standard has changed, and personal quality has developed. At the same time, they have contributed to the growth of IES. They then reviewed their major player position in the labor dispatching market with the initial success of credible service, standardized management, and efficient operation. However, they wondered if they can keep being the leader in Weihai or keep the monopoly position in Weihai. Because of the enormously competitive situation in the labor export service in this city in recent years, and the smaller size of migrated people in domestic cities, they are losing customers and it is getting harder to bring fresh rural labors into this program. They were also struggling with how to achieve that goal by investing more capital and putting efforts in order to maintain and promote their service and training program and how to explore another labor resource base where they recruit from. The IES’s new market campaign of dispatching nurse appears to be more workable than present implementation of labor in product, processing and electronic industry, because of the less restrictions of operation of the IES’s side, except for those for college nursing students. Given that IES is benefited from the improvement of higher education investment in China, and that their recruiting base has enlarged, they believe they can make better practice in the service export sector with the new business plan.
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