Case ID 14-1056
Published 2014
Industry Code 011
Subject Social enterprise & ethics

Abstract The “Reel Gardening 2014” case study presents a story of a South-African social enterprise of an aim to spread worldwide the true planting revolution one meter at a time thanks to a highly innovative biodegradable solution. The plot goes through variations of business models the firm was gradually deciding to adopt, along with the official spin-off decision and with shifting orientation for varying customer target groups. Moreover, it describes problems related to funding, the consequences it had on the dynamics of the firm’s development and on the achievement of CEO’s established goals. Finally, the story addresses the solutions to bothering issues that emerged along the way and passes through the management of stakeholders’ dilemma given the complicated company orientation of pursuing both market and social mission. The case leaves a reader in a situation of uncertainty concerning the new market the enterprise has just decided to enter being a first outside-Africa business destination and possible hub for future expansion. The managerial situation of scaling raises questions on how the founder should best lead the firm in order not to lose focus on both causes: market and social that she has finally achieved to grasp and control successfully.
Pages 26
Teaching Note Yes