Case ID 14-1113
Published 2014
Industry Code 311
Subject General management

Abstract KYB Corporation has laid the global foundation in Japan and abroad from 2010 to 2013. It was successful in sales and profits in 2013. The Japanese technology of manufacturing has been highly valuated in the world. Both domestic and overseas sales of were increasing. At the same time, overseas sales ratio became 52% (Europe 17%, North America 11%, China 7%). Their main product is automotive components and the business has expanded due to globalization. Under the medium-term management strategy, KYB is going to get orders and trust from their customers in the world. Not only relying on Japanese customers in foreign countries, they try to get foreign customers in existing market and new market. The 2020 Vision is to complete global manufacturing structure and achieve total sales of 600 billion yen, and 8% operation margin. However there is dilemma that Japanese management in the foreign country is necessary to produce high quality production. On the other hand its environment is hard to work for local stuff because of pressure by Japanese managers and obey Japanese culture. What should KYB do to achieve the goal by 2020.
Pages 20
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