Case ID 14-1116
Published 2014
Industry Code 939
Subject General management

Abstract This case study presents a story of a South-African social enterprise founded by Henry-Jackson and Gordon Nwanjang. ICT Global Link is designed to provide information and communication technology (ICT) education to the underprivileged learners in South Africa for exploring their post-high school educational, training and career opportunities. The venture went through different stages of business models trying figuring out which business model will be suitable for its supporters and beneficiaries. Moreover, it describes problems related to financial and management issues faced by the organization. This case addresses challenges face by ICT Global Links from a non-profit point of view and passes through top management dilemma in pursuing both social mission and market. Conclusively, the case leaves reader in a situation of uncertainty concerning the new business model and source of potential funding in the near future. ICT Global Link recently had it legal paper in Japan to operate as non-profit organization and is planning to expand to Nepal and the Philippines. It also raises questions on how the founder should best lead the organization in order not to lose focus on both causes: market and social that he has finally achieved to grasp and control successfully.
Pages 21
Teaching Note Yes