Case ID 16-1042
Published 2016
Industry Code 769
Subject General management

Abstract Expansion is obviously wanted in business, while it is not mandated, when the preparation is unqualified, it leads to the failure. Further, it is particular in emerging market, because of government regulations, managerial talents, corruption and infrastructure. These above are the requirement support of the growth. San Gin?s has been Madrid’s most famous name for “Churros con Chocolate”. Over the past 120 years, San Gin?s has become known around the world as the best locale for this traditional treat ? Spanish pastry Churros. This family business group enjoys its success by receiving Medalla al M?rito Tur?stico in 2011, as the highest honor for being the tourist spot in Madrid. Between 2010 and 2013, it opened two branches, four shops in Tokyo, Osaka and Shanghai by licensing. During the period, since 2004 San Gin?s project’s only strategy was to establish shops in new market. Although it achieved growth in years at Latin America and U.S., in Asia market it turned out to be a failure with the fact that currently four shops all closed.
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