Case ID 16-1055
Published 2016
Industry Code 314
Subject General management

Abstract Thales Training & Simulation (Thales T&S), a profitable company specialized in full flight simulators, has a long history of building turnkey training products and services for civil and military clients. The company is specialized in the manufacturing of full flight simulators, high-end devices able to replicate a pilot flight environment with quality and realism. In 2010, Thales engineers created a new innovation for their simulators with the potential to change the whole simulation industry. Thales T&S higher management saw through this new differentiator a window to tackle new markets and diversify Thales T&S product portfolio. But the strategic move remained complicated. This case addresses the ability of a company to deal with a complicated strategic move. It tackles the problems related to the launch of new products and to the penetration of new markets with an adapted price strategy. The case material is about strategy, with a focus on pricing and product launch. The case writing body and exhibits provide the context and give hints about all the different options the company can choose in the near future regarding its strategic moves. The consulting note provides sample questions covering environment and internal analyzes, strategic options overviews, and price strategies. Each sample question is accompanied with a possible answer which includes several theoretical frameworks (Porter 5 Forces, VRIO, Ansoff framework, etc.). This project was based on a real life dilemma faced by the Thales T&S team in early 2016. Turning a real strategic issue into a case-writing format is an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge with some authentic situations.
Pages 25
Teaching Note Yes