MBA style Incubation

The Center for Entrepreneurs at the NUCB Business School offers business incubation. It is a business incubator which cultivates people who can challenge new businesses by utilizing the knowledge and network fostered from MBA education. The main focus of the Center for Entrepreneurs is “company renaissance.”

“Company renaissance” is a term for companies to develop products, service, and markets by using new methods that are different from their main businesses in the process of adapting (or anticipating) to the change of its business environment. In the research about long-running companies, it shows that many companies that have been lasting for years have been getting on a new business at the timing of business succession. We focus on these points upon entrepreneur supporting

Center for Entrepreneurs Overview

The entrepreneur center which business schools offer is slightly different from so-called “incubation centers” or “share offices.” It gives an opportunity for you to create a network among experienced people. For example, not only among professors who have rich business start-up experience or consulting experience, but also among highly motivated people who are aiming to earn their MBA on weekends.

The MBA Network, Registered Smaller Enterprise Consultant Network, Tax Accountant Network, and Healthcare Network of the NUCB Business School are especially considered to be some of the largest networks in Japan. We believe these experience and networks will be a lifetime treasure for you.

Start-up Support Service - EMC

Participants can improve their management skills which tend not to be enough for preparing their own businesses (Essentials). In the meantime, you will be mentored by experienced professors which allows you to determine your business ideas (Mentoring). Moreover, it offers you a creative space other than your workplace which encourages you to focus on your future planning (Co-working).

Mentoring Process - IPEF

Mentoring participants will be done within a 12~24 month road-map with 4 processes called Business Idea, Business Planning, Business Developing, and Fundraising.


2013 Two year MBA in Entrepreneurship established
2015 Host the Japan Business Model Competition for elimilation Round in Tokai Hokuriku area at NUCB Business School Campus
2016 Affinity group for Innovation Research launched
2017 Entre-networking Forum held NUCB Business School
2017 Center for Entrepreneurs established
2017 MEXT Branding Project Grant awarded
2018 Accelerator Meeting held
2018 Innovation Business Consulting project started
2018 Workshop by invited entreprenuers held