Open Enrollment Program

A series of courses that offer essential MBA best fit for candidates who wish to study about specific fields, or aim to enhance practical business skills. Learning among peers from diverse background will enable you to acquire knowledge and skill sets you can never gain at workplace. Applicants supported by their employers are screened by documents without an interview. The application for candidates supported by their employers is open until one week after the deadline.

Global MBA Track - English

The Global MBA Track discusses decision-making issues faced by organizations such as international projects and ventures, global marketing, local corporate management, diversification of internal talent and organizational behavior. By taking the Global MBA track in English in addition to the degree program in Japanese, participants can acquire the certificate of courses separate from their E/MBA degree. Courses include highly qualified non-Japanese professionals from around the world and based in Japan who seek to enhance their development by engaging in high-level discussions with Japanese managers who participate in the courses.

Manufacturing MBA Track

As the manufacturing industry digitizes services, the keywords of IoT, AI, Industry 4.0 are essential concepts for professionals to accurately understand put them into their business/ company/ organization. There are not so many leaders yet everyone is becoming more aware of the lack of leadership. The "manufacturing industry" should have been the foundation of Japanese industry and now the weight of the manufacturing industry in the Japanese economy is decreasing year by year. The "Monozukuri MBA" is launching in Nagoya in the summer of 2019, breathing new life to the Japanese "manufacturing industry" for Japan and for Nagoya originating from the NUCB Business School.

Healthcare MBA Track

The first Healthcare MBA Track offered by the NUCB Business School aims to develop the management ability of human resources in the domestic market through healthcare industries such as medical institutions, pharmaceutical/ equipment manufacturers, nursing care and other related businesses. The healthcare industry is one where high ethical standards and change awareness are required because they deal in lives. Hospital management includes strong elements of family business and management that is conscious of organizational culture, leadership and business succession. This specialized Healthcare MBA track supports managers in an increasingly demanding industry.