Tradition & Innovation

Built in a prime location just fifteen minutes from Nagoya Station, the NUCB Business School's Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus was completed in June 2015 which marked the 80th anniversary of the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business. This campus is a dedicated campus for the graduate school of business and holds courses for Master's programs, Executive MBA and Executive Education and a range of research, conference and entrepreneurial activities. This fourteen floor tower was designed to last for the next generation of educating global leaders with advanced management practices with the concept of merging "Tradition and Innovation." Students and faculty feel the deep sense of academic tradition as they walk through the main gates and first floor reception while utilizing the advanced technology in the classrooms.

Executive Seminar Room

Executive conference and board rooms on the second floor and eleventh floor provide space for faculty and administrative staff to meet with corporate partners to strengthen our School's position as a leader in central Japan. Nagoya is home to world-class manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies which gives our school access to a deep talent pool of students and alumni who have high intentions as global managers and leaders from Japan. These facilities create an environment where the faculty, executives, and students feel the highest level of professional engagement for meetings, inspiring new ideas and connections and laying the framework for the necessary bridges between the academic and corporate world.

Learning Salon

Between the administrative office levels and classroom floors, the Learning Salon is a multi-purpose space which is capable of handling a variety of functions and events for study and for networking. On any given day, students use this space which is always open as a "third place" away from home and work which creates a relaxing atmosphere to casually catch up on cases, have a meal and talk with classmates. Throughout the year, networking events during partner school study tours, seasonal parties and socials, designated networking events and even an international student welcome party are held in this space. The Learning Salon is also home to the School's Alumni Lounge and Center for Entrepreneurship.

Research Center

Faculty and students share space across two floors of the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus with private rooms for faculty and a shared study lounge, library, business center and conference room. All rooms are connected by transparent class walls - maintaining the concept of open space for creativity and providing the opportunity for faculty and students to bump into each other. In the room of each faculty member, there is a small meeting table which is meant for office hours and seminar sessions / consultations with students or in small student groups. The Research Center is an active space that brings together full-time teaching faculty, visiting professors and students together to conduct research while also providing space for the School's Career Center and Case Center.

Auditorium 160

The largest auditorium style classroom in the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus seats one hundred sixty. The main purpose of this room is to accommodate orientation twice a year for new students in April and September as well as the School's important joint session courses. Twice a year during three-day holiday weekends, the School conducts simultaneous multi-program joint sessions which bring in the students at our satellite campuses in Tokyo and Osaka to the mother campus in Nagoya. Students move across programs and mix in new elective courses, including Japanese students in the English language program courses to enhance the networking chances and connection to the School as a life-long stakeholder.

Auditorium 80

The core of NUCB Business School's pedagogy through the case method is directly linked to the physical environment where students spend their weekends and weekdays in intensive style courses. The School's campus has four floors of auditorium classrooms which fit eighty students. Each floor is supported by eight break-out rooms which are part of the all-in-one floor design of the campus. Students arrive forty minutes before the start of each class to prime their brains and warm-up for the class discussions. Inside the classroom, the technology and design keep students engaged, alert and comfortable as they spend Saturdays and Sundays developing themselves as successful leaders and future executives.

Auditorium 40

For smaller class sizes, and in particular the School's Executive Education and Continuing Education courses, a limit on the number of students is as valuable as the quality of the participant. One of the strongest indicators of the quality of the School's student base is the level of executive management and leadership within world-class companies. The Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus has two auditorium classrooms, which are identical to the larger counterparts except in scale, to fit the needs of a small course size which focuses more on classroom discussion or lectures as a more dominant element in the course design.

Idea Room / Innovation Lab

Originally designed for the purpose of the Business Innovation Program (BIP), which is the MBA program focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, the campus tower has four rooms with a uniquely designed island-table format to match the specifications of a design thinking or innovation-based course. In addition to the group table dynamics, these rooms also have independently break-out rooms for small group discussion as a regular part of any case method course taught at the School. As the NUCB Business School develops deeper into the realm of entrepreneurship and providing the mindset and tools for entrepreneurs, this space becomes more vital in co-collaboration among students with diverse backgrounds, work history and life experiences.

Theatre Hall 320

The top floor of the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus is the masterfully designed Theatre Hall. This adequate and open space is used for conferences, ceremonies and special events throughout the year. Among the premier events held at the School to date include the first-ever Association of MBAs (AMBA) Asia Pacific Conference and AACSB Asia Pacific Conference held in Japan. The chance for School to hold such events not only increases the global visibility of the graduate programs and high-level of professionalism of the faculty and staff, but create better awareness of the value of post graduate education (in particular the MBA and EMBA) in Japan as Japanese business schools become more developed as study destinations for experienced business professionals.