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Takashi Kitamura


Takashi Kitamura


Takashi Kitamura is an Associate Professor at NUCB Business School. He received a Ph.D. in Public Management from Waseda University in 2011. Before joining the school, he worked as a Research Associate in the Faculty of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University, and as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Policy Studies at Doshisha University.

Research Interests

Comparative Constitutional Policy, Comparative Constitutional Institution, Austrian-Studies

Final Education

Ph.D., Waseda University

Awards & Honours

  • (2022) Outstanding Teaching Award 2021. Kurimoto Educational Institute
  • (2021) Outstanding Teaching Award 2020. Kurimoto Educational Institute
  • (2020) Outstanding Teaching Award 2019.
  • (2019) Outstanding Teaching Award 2018. Kurimoto Educational Institute
  • (2018) Outstanding Teaching Award 2017. Kurimoto Educational Institute
  • (2017) Teaching Award 2016. NUCB

Academic Papers

  • Takashi Kitamura (2022) Optional Referendums on the COVID-19 Crisis in Switzerland. The Journal of Constitutional Law (54)
  • Takashi Kitamura (2022) Unconstitutional Decision of the Austrian Constitutional Court to Regulations Prohibiting Scarf in Public Elementary School. Law and Politics Review 8
  • Takashi Kitamura (2022) Why has not the Constitution of Japan been amended?: Analysis based on the "Policy Window Model". Journal of Constitutional Law:60th Anniversary Issue of the Constitutional Law Association Japan
  • Takashi Kitamura (2021) An Analysis of Democracy in Switzerland from the Perspective of Constitutional Politics: “Assembly−Independent System” and “Semi-Direct Democracy”. The Japanese Journal of Law and Political Science 57
  • Takashi Kitamura (2021) Analysis of Security in Switzerland in Terms of Constitutional Institutions. The Journal of Constitutional Law 53
  • Takashi Kitamura (2021) Federal States in Central Europe and Constitutional Insitutions. Law and Politics Review 7
  • Takashi Kitamura (2020) Individuality of Federal Council in Austrian Constitutional Politcs. The Journal of Constitutional Law 52 :0389-1089
  • Takashi Kitamura (2020) A constitutional Analysis of Austrian Politics 2019. Law and Politics Review 6
  • Takashi Kitamura (2019) Basic principle in Austrian Constitution. The Japanese Journal of Comparative Constitutional LAW 31 :978-4-915943-85-0
  • Takashi Kitamura (2019) The executive institutions in Austrian constitutional politics :parliamentary system or semi-presidential system?. Law and Politics Review (5) :2189-4124
  • Takashi Kitamura (2018) Party System and Constitutional Politics in Austria. The Japanese Journal of Law and Political Science 54 (2) :0386-5266
  • Takashi Kitamura (2018) A Cross-National Causal Analysis of the Relationship between Constitutional Rigidity and Constitutional Amendment. Law and Politics Review 4 :2189-4124
  • Takashi Kitamura (2017) How do Electoral Institutions have an Impact on Difficulty of Constitutional Amendment?. Journal of Constitutional Law 49 :0389-1089
  • Takashi Kitamura (2017) Is Degree of Constitutional Rigidity in Japan Relatively High?: Cross-National Comparison of Quantitative Indices Instructed on the Basis of Amendment Procedures. Law and Politics Review 3 (3) :2189-4124

Book & Case Publishing

  • Yutaka Higashi / Kouichi Sugiyama (2022) Constitution of Japan. koubundou
  • Yoshiaki Shimojo/ Yutaka Higashi (2021) Constitutional Politics in the World. Shigakusya
  • Yutaka Higashi (2021) Introductory to Constitutional Law. Ichigeusya
  • Kazuo Matsuura/ Kousuke Okumura (2020) Constitutinal Law 2nd. Ed.. Sibundo
  • Takamasa Sekine / Takashi Kitamura (2020) Introduction to Law. Minervashobo
  • Kazuo Matsuura/ Kousuke Okumura (2017) Constitutinal Law. Sibundo
  • Kentaro Nohata / Yutaka Higashi (2017) Introduction to Constitutional Law. Ichigakusya