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Uriel Stettner

Visiting Professor

Uriel Stettner


Dr. Stettner is an Assistant Professor of Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at Tel Aviv University in the Department of Strategy. He holds a Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University and completed his post-doctoral research at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Dr. Stettner teaches courses on strategic management, innovation, and business simulation at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels. He serves as a reviewer for the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, the Journal of Management Studies, the California Management Review, the Journal of Business Venturing, Organization Studies, and Research Policy. Dr. Stettner has extensive experience working with a range of start-up firms operating in the software and semiconductor industries, and he has also held a variety of managerial and technology-focused positions in both Israel and the United States.

Research Interests

Strategic Management, Strategic Innovation, Technological Innovation

Final Education

Ph.D., Tel Aviv University

Academic Papers

  • Stettner Uriel (2019) Making a difference: Thoughts on management scholarship from the editorial team. European Management Journal 37 (3)
  • Stettner Uriel (2019) What drives exploration? Convergence and divergence of exploration tendencies among alliance partners and competitors. Academy of Management Journal