Family Business & Business Succession

The Center for Family Business will foster human resources for family succession under collaboration with Aichi Shinkin Banks. By supporting family succession, we are aiming to reinforce the business infrastructure of smaller firms, and to hand over the technologies and brand to the next generation. Moreover, by supporting the companies long-term growth and offering employment to the local areas, we are expecting the younger generations to energize traditional local industries.

Specifically, the 3 gaps which are the biggest barriers of business succession are 1) Leadership style based on economic or social surroundings which vary among generations, 2) Communication style with your family as an employee, 3) Company’s goal setting. Accepting and utilizing these gaps for the long-term growth of companies is the know-how of business schools and the advantage as well.

Therefore, the Center for Family Business will aim for developing and researching curriculum regarding business succession issues and regional issues, and contribute to the constant growth of local companies such as Shinkin Bank’s customer companies and local companies by supporting service and product development.


2010 The Japan Society for Business Succession established in Japan and the Dean of NUCB Business School was appointed to be the Board Member
2015 Center for Family Business established
2015 Agreement on collaboration between Aichi Shinkin Banks Association and NUCB Business School
2015 Host the Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Business Succession
2016 Agreement on collaboration between Kuwana Shinkin Bank and NUCB Business School
2017 Class of "Business Succession and Innovation" in collaboration with Aichi Shinkin Banks Association started
2017 Host the 8th Open Forum - Japan Society for Business Succession
2017 MEXT Branding Project Grant awarded
2018 Host the Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Business Succession