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Introducing Global MBA Specialized Track

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As a full-time employee in Japan - do you find it difficult to make the time commitment for even a part-time, weekend MBA program?

The NUCB Business School is launching the Global MBA specialized MBA certificate awarding program to current students in the program and to non-degree students as well.

Whether you are Japanese or not, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity to exchange ideas and engage in discussions on business management and administration with like-minded colleagues across various industries and professions in Nagoya and Tokyo.

In the global context, how are you defining what the "task" is now and what the "action" for that is? And then how do you manage what the "goal" is next? Don't you find that there is an increasing number of scenarios in your business where a new approach or innovative style of thinking is required?

In order to foster employees and leaders corresponding to internationalization of these organizations, the Global MBA aims to put you in the shoes of managers. Face the decisions that they would usually face, such as international marketing, local corporate management, international business alliance projects, diversification of internal talent, etc. Contact us at mba@nucba.ac.jp for further details - we welcome your comments and questions in Japanese or in English.