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Focused Program for 2022

Focused Program

Focused Program

Executive Education offers open registration courses for those interested in mastering specific topics over one weekend. Those interested can freely choose based on the skills and knowledge they wish to acquire, and take courses delivering online from the comfort of their homes. The fast-paced, postgraduate-level case method style will challenge and engage participants with lively class discussion of real-life business situations, provided valuable lessons to take back to their workplaces.

We are now accepting applications for the fall semester of 2022. Those who wish to continue their lifelong learning and gain new practical insight to maintain their competitive edge are encouraged to apply. We also recommend Focused Program courses to those who wish to experience business school learning before enrolling in a formal degree program.

Please click here for the course schedule and course outline.

Focused Program for foundational development

The Certificate in MBA Essentials is recommended for those new to business school concepts who wish to build a solid foundation first. The course provides basic knowledge of people, products, and money in general, which is essential for all businesspersons regardless of industry, occupation, or position, and improves logical thinking skills. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. For more details, please click here.