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Realizing Program Outcomes: A Recent Graduate's Story of Success

Our office was recently contacted out of the blue by DDP MiM alumna Eloa, who shared how she learned the value of her degree from NUCB Business School in the months that followed her graduation. Read on to learn more about her story.

I went to French Polynesia right after my time at NUCB to start my first job there, as a Risk Management Assistant for KPMG Tahiti. It was a huge opportunity for me, and I got the job because they were very impressed by the double degree I got in Japan. They looked at the program and were very surprised to see I attended some MBA and MSc Courses that were very demanding. I was also able to get the position because my case study (capstone research project) was about risk management during the Covid 19 crisis, and they thought it was a new and refreshing perspective that could be interesting for the job.

All of that to say that I finally received my diploma here in French Polynesia, as my family was able to come here and bring it to me. I took pictures with the diploma in a Japanese kimono I bought in Nagoya, and I wanted to share them with you.

I highly believe that it was this double degree that allowed me to find a job in KPMG Tahiti and to live in my dream location, here in Tahiti!

Congratulations to Eloa on her success! We were very pleased to learn how much she has achieved, and so soon after graduating from our program in September 2022.