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Women‘s Career Empowerment Module2

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This program supports women who have temporarily changed or interrupted their careers due to childbirth, childcare, etc. to return to the workplace or find new employment by providing practical learning of the fundamentals of business administration through a case method using materials equivalent to those used in the MBA program.

Registration deadline:

Please note the following after registration.

Registrants must note that refunds cannot be granted when cancellation notification is received later than four weeks prior to the start date.


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PgCert in Women‘s Career Empowerment


This course is designed to support the diverse careers of women, and allows them to learn the essence of a practical MBA program through online case method classes from the their own home. For example, participants can use the time they have off from work due to childbirth, childcare, or nursing care to understand the outline of corporate management, which is difficult to grasp in the workplace, and improve their work skills in multiple aspects while looking forward to a positive return to the workplace.

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Shinichi Takeuchi Professor

Prior to pursuing a career in academia, Dr. Takeuchi was actively engaged in business administration and human resource development at Mazda Motor Corporation. He has extensive achievements in the ...

Shinichi Takeuchi

Prior to pursuing a career in academia, Dr. Takeuchi was actively engaged in business administration and human resource development at Mazda Motor Corporation. He has extensive achievements in the ...


Students will discuss with their advisors and seminar members in a seminar format, and complete a case as a problem statement and a notebook as an analysis and insight section.


  • Application deadline: Thursday, August 31
  • Capacity: 10 people
  • Orientation:Wednesday, December13
  • Case instruction: January-February 2024
  • Case submission: early March 2024

Documents required for course screening

  • Copy of graduation certificate/degree from the university (or graduate school) from which you graduated
  • Photographs

About certificate

Students who have successfully completed both Module 1 and Module 2 will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Module1: Attendance of at least 2/3 of the classes
  • Module2: Completion of case writing

About Credit

Students who have met the University's passing grade standards for both Module 1 and Module 2 will be awarded credits. Credits earned will be transferred to the Master's program.

Application Procedure

  • Fill in the required information from "Select a Course of Study" below and proceed to the payment page.
  • Please apply together with Module1; you cannot apply for Module2 only.



  • Being new to case writing, I became engrossed in writing cases. It was a wonderful experience for the seminar members as they learned from each other's cases.

    Sales 20s Female

  • The difficulty level was high. However, thanks to your pulling it up there, I was able to make a convincing study of the subject. After taking Module 2, I had a deeper understanding of the Module 1 class. This course was definitely useful in my future career development. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. Makita.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • It helped me to understand the point of view of managers and to simulate in advance my return to work.

    Sales 20s Female

  • I could learn about the perspectives of managers and colleagues on career paths for people with restrictions such as maternity leave. I also heard ideas from other participants that I hadn't had before, which gave me the opportunity to produce output that had been dulled during my maternity leave.

    Manager 30s Female

  • It was great to be able to redefine the work I was involved in in the past from a perspective I could not have had at the time. Module 2 also deepens the learning from Module 1, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who is unsure about taking the course.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • It was full of the essence of business strategy. This class has made me realize that there is still a lot to learn and has motivated me to learn more.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • During my maternity leave, I had a hard time keeping motivated at work and was worried about whether I would be able to do my best after returning to work, but after attending this course, I am more motivated to work than when I was still working. I had never been interested in getting promoted, but through the course, I have come to think that I would like to aim for the management level. Also, because I was able to practice thinking from a manager's point of view through the course, I was able to communicate more smoothly with my boss. The opportunity to interact with highly conscious women from other industries and regions through the course was very valuable in my life.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • It was mentally beneficial for me to be able to take time for myself once a week, without being a burden to my child, while I was on maternity leave, which tends to be solitary and makes it difficult to set aside time for myself. I was also glad that the teachers and administrators honestly supported us in our studies and helped us to interact with other students. I have also gained friends with whom I can continue to communicate after returning to work, which has been helpful in resolving my concerns and maintaining my motivation immediately after returning to work.

    Housewife 20s Female

  • By having the opportunity to use my head after giving birth and talking about business, I was able to remember how interesting and rewarding work can be, even as my life seems to have drifted toward a child-rearing-centered lifestyle. It also strengthened my desire to return to work and made me more positive about my future career development. I think the reason I was able to adjust so smoothly when I returned to work was because I did not completely leave the business during my childcare leave.

    Housewife 30s Female

  • I gained an important friend on a global scale, not only from a business management perspective, but also one with whom I can consult on many things as I live my long life ahead.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • I did not expect to be able to take such a full-fledged MBA course online. I also did not expect to make friends with so many other participants online, and it exceeded my expectations.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • I did not expect to be able to interact with the participants since it was online, but it was a great opportunity to connect with other women who were struggling with the same issues as I was through the discussions in the lecture.

    Housewife 30s Female

  • I honestly did not expect to be able to study business administration so seriously. I think this is also evidence that I was naive before taking the course because I was on maternity leave. I am filled with gratitude to the teachers and everyone involved in the management of the course, who provided instruction with as much or more effort and enthusiasm as in the regular classes, even though the content was not common for those on childcare leave and was online.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • By working together with seminar instructors and seminar students, I was able to deepen my own thinking.

    Manager 40s Female

  • At first, I did not know how to write about case writing, and a period of searching ensued, but in the process of analyzing the problem, I was able to find a roadmap and complete the case writing. I believe that I was able to complete it thanks to the guidance of my professor and the involvement of the other seminar students. I also wanted to attend his lectures, so I enrolled in a single class at the Tokyo School, where I was able to learn even more.

    Manager 40s Female

  • Case writing was a great experience. I was very grateful to the professor for his tutoring.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • Since we worked on themes that we had implemented at work in the past, we were able to look back and see if our thinking, approaches, etc. were in line.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • It was very useful because I was able to analyze the industry in depth.

    Administrative worker  20s Female

  • It was a great opportunity for me to think about how I want my company to be.

    Sales 40s Female

  • Thank you for your kindness and for thinking about it with us.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • I thought case writing would give me a perspective to evaluate myself and my company objectively. (In Module 1, you can learn that such a perspective is important, but you can't really feel it.) I think that many of the participants in the online MBA program are in the age group just before management, and I think that this is a very good opportunity for them to step up in terms of gaining the perspective necessary for management positions.

    banker 40s Female

  • The case writing project was in the field of marketing, an area in which I had absolutely no experience in practice, but I was able to submit it successfully thanks to Professor Makita's strict but precise guidance and schedule management. During the course of the project, I felt like giving up, but the encouragement and advice I received from my fellow seminar members was a great source of strength. I also appreciate the careful communication from the graduate school office. Thank you very much.

    Housewife 20s Female

  • The seminar-style class was very meaningful. I was able to receive appropriate guidance from the professor in writing case writing for the first time, and I feel that the members of the seminar were able to have lively discussions because of the trust that we have built up since Module 1. The experience of having created something (in this case, a case and notebook) gave me confidence in myself and increased my sense of self-efficacy. I wish more others could have experienced the meaningful experience of writing a personal case.

    Sales 30s Female

  • Although the content was demanding, it helped me clarify some environmental analysis methods that I had been concerned about, such as, "Is this the right way to do it? In addition, I was able to gain new knowledge through sharing information with my fellow seminar participants. Thank you very much.

    Housewife 30s Female

  • I was able to look at my company and my situation objectively, and the professor taught me many different ways of looking at things.

    Sales 40s Female

  • Doing my own case writing in Module 2 made me realize how well-crafted the cases I learned in Module 1 were. Writing my own case made me think about how to argue and how to organize information during the course. I hope to apply this experience to my future employment and life.

    Housewife 20s Female

  • Discussions with people in the same position were like peer counseling, and that alone was meaningful.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • It was a painful but good experience for me to realize my own low perspective and narrow-mindedness. It helped me to clear up the faltering thoughts I had been feeling. I think that being allowed to read other people's cases in the seminar format further broadened my perspective. In addition, although I had some doubts about the validity of the case method in one of the lectures in Module 1, the experience of writing in Module 2 helped me to see the good points of the case method.

    Housewife 30s Female

  • It was a very short period of time from setting up the case to submitting it, but I was able to accomplish it to the end with the appropriate guidance from the instructor. I feel that the experience of thinking deeply about a single issue and writing a case will definitely help me in the future.

    Administrative worker  30s Female

  • It was very meaningful for me to be able to objectively examine the business I am involved in. It was also very good that Module 2 allowed me to reconsider my future career and make a new plan.

    Administrative worker  30s Female