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The Art and Science of the Case Method: An Introduction for Young Professors - HBP x CCJ

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The case teaching method is a powerful method for learning, do you want to try building this skill and engage with students? Based on our conversations with Educators in the region, we found that many have attempted to use cases, but they might not know how to run an effective discussion, and hence, are intimidated by it and by the students who sometimes challenge them. This workshop is conducted in English, trying to reach a wider audience in the region. It is intended for newer or less experienced case teachers and possibly Ph.D. students who have just started teaching.

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Refunds will NOT be given for cancellations made less than four weeks prior to the start of the course, and no make-up classes or substitutions for other courses will be made.

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15:30〜18:30 (JST)
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Professionals / Almuni / International Students / Partner Schools / Faculty & Administrators





  1. Remove intimidation and mystery around the case method--and to reveal its richness and possibilities.
  2. Get an initial view of the structures, processes, styles of a case discussion.
  3. Be encouraged to take up the case method as a powerful tool for learning.
  4. Receive access to “THE CENTENNIAL OF THE BUSINESS CASE: A 5-PART SERIES” written and sponsored by HBP.


Cases will be sent out to the participants two days prior to the workshop.

Workshop Summary
The Harvard Business School Publishing (HBP) recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of its first business case, “General Shoe Company.” Now 15 million cases are sold every year, and leading business schools such as HBS, Ivey, Darden, and NUCB, and more around have Case Collections.

The Case Method is a powerful learning method. It exercises students' manifold skills in thinking, insight, conversing and negotiating, listening, storytelling, and selling, etc. However, there is pedagogical mystery and intimidation around the technique.

We want to take away the mystery and intimidation. This short seminar is for aspiring case method teachers, young and old. In three hours, we will demonstrate a short case in a Zoom discussion. Our professors will analyze the discussion afterward. Participants will see how the case method is part art and part science: one uses “artistic,” human techniques such as listening and questioning and nudging, and also “scientific,” systematic tools to spur class interaction.

Aspiring case teachers can now begin to build their adventure. We hope to answer your questions: What skills must I build? How do I prepare? What can I do to start, sustain, and end cases? How do I engage with students? What art and science skills do I develop next?

We hope you can join us for this short and engaging seminar.

The time displays here is Japan Standard Time, UTC +9:00

Participant information such as name, job title, educational institution, address, phone number, and e-mail address which are required and registered at the time of application will be managed in accordance with CCJ's personal information protection regulations. It will be shared with our co-sponsor Harvard Business School Publishing.

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