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Developing students into international leaders

Our school provides participant-centered education for adults using the Case Method, while meeting the many educational and research standards required by international accreditation bodies to ensure a high quality of education. We are committed to providing a top-class learning environment for participants working towards their educational goals, and as such have adopted a policy that clearly distinguishes between Master's degree programs (EMBA/MBA/MSc) and Executive Education programs.

Master Programs

Executive MBA

The program fosters core individuals in various organizations, such as corporate executives, managers of small and medium-sized companies, venture entrepreneurs, and management consultants. The program endows management theories and skills such as strategic thinking, leadership, and management analysis methods. Through case-method lectures and practical training in strategy proposal, they cultivate the ability to solve problems and make decisions with an objective view of the organization, and acquire the skills necessary to lead organizational change and development.


In addition to the management skills that students learn in a traditional MBA program, students are equipped with the skills of observation, communication, and creativity necessary to take on the challenge of creating new products, exploring new markets, and leading new initiatives. The mission of the program is to create leaders whose perspectives are enhanced by the diverse opinions and experiences of their peers and course instructors.

MSc in Management

The MiM is aimed at training personnel at globally-minded companies who will be the core of management– including senior executives of global enterprises, entrepreneurs, consultants, managers of SMEs and venture companies responsible for regional revitalization. Framed in the context of Japan, students learn numerous management theories, frameworks and soft skills all conducted in 100% English, with international students gathered from all over the world.

MSc in Accountancy & Taxation

In taxation, students are trained to be able to propose tax planning from the perspective of international taxation, business succession taxation, and organizational restructuring; in accounting, students are trained to be able to provide advice on the preparation of financial statements regardless of the size of the company; and in management, students are trained to be able to prepare management improvement plans from the perspective of the manager. Students will acquire not only specialized knowledge, but also the ability to behave in a manner appropriate for a coordinator who connects companies and society.

Postgraduate Diploma Programs

Postgraduate Certificate Programs

Focused Programs

  1. Accredited by the Brush Up Program for Professionals

    As a result of being accredited by the Brush Up Program for Professionals (BP) initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), participants in our programs are eligible to receive government support under the Benefit for Practical Education and Training for Professionals system of the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. As a result, a certain percentage of the education and training expenses (up to 1,120,000 yen) will be paid by Hello Work to eligible students of our institution.

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