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Case Award

The NUCB Business School, one of Asia's leading international business schools, is pleased to announce that each year a select number of the top cases are chosen by the case advisory board, and those selected students are awarded for their outstanding achievement in the development of new educational resources in business administration and management for future cohorts. The award recognizes cases with a high quality of field research and writing as well as potential for use in future MBA lectures and other studies. The awarded cases provide diverse views on business issues and explore globalization, diversity, responsible management, and other unique topics. Exemplary cases include Japanese and foreign multinational corporations operating in the Japanese market such as Toho Gas, Cummins Japan, Mitsui and Co., Nintendo, J. Front Retailing, and Moet & Chandon. As a key mission of our case center, we will develop, produce, and share further intellectual materials. We wish to convey our congratulations to the achievements of the award recipients.

Case Award 2020

Case Award 2020

The Case Development Committee has selected the following six cases as the winner of Case Award 2020.

The multiple board members have made a careful assessment of each case by two steps, a primary assessment, and a secondary evaluation.
The quality of the cases improves every year in that the teaching policy of the case advisors reflected the contents. Some cases are particularly outstanding in terms of their broad scope. These
are some cases that can be used in regular classes in Business Schools.

Takashi Yamaoka
Head of the Case Development Committee
NUCB Business School