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Focused Program for foundational development

Focused Program courses are recommended for those who have never participated in MBA courses, or who want to establish a firm foundation in the principles of management. These courses are for all professionals regardless of industry, job type, or position aspiring to obtain a basic and general working knowledge of how people, goods, and capital interact and enhance logical thinking skills. Those who complete specified courses are eligible to receive Executive Education certificates.

Participants in Executive Education courses may be eligible to receive training and education benefits provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. This enables qualified participants to apply for and receive grants at the Employment Office to offset the costs of these courses.

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Study period
April - June
Course fee
357,000 yen (15% discount will be applied for a batch registration of 5 courses)
Application deadline
March 17
Mode of delivery
Live Virtual
5 courses designated for the Certificate in MBA Essentials
Completion requirements
5 courses
Enrollment requirements
Bachelor-level degree or higher, ID-style photograph, a PC (w/ camera) or a tablet; internet connection

Designated Courses

Course TitleLecturer
Critical ThinkingMitsuyori Miyake
Accounting EssentialsMasao Tsuji
Management EssentialsYukihiro Makita
Finance EssentialsSeiwa Tanaka
Marketing EssentialsNaohiko Oikawa

Executive Education

Course Registration Procedure

  • STEP1


    Click "Select Course" for each course you wish to register.

  • STEP2


    Login or select "User Registration" and fill in the required information. (New users are required to provide certificates and/or diplomas and an ID photo.)

  • STEP3


    Click "Proceed to make payment" to pay course fees by credit card.

  • STEP4

    Selection Results

    Registrants will be notified of their selection results by e-mail on a later date.

  • STEP5


    Course materials are transmitted to participants in data format two weeks before the start of the course. Participants are expected to review the assignment sheet and all materials in preparation for the course.

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