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Learning the basics of the MBA from Focused Program courses

MBA Focused Program courses cover and complete single subjects over one weekend. Participants can take live virtual courses hosted online by choosing from over seventy subjects taught throughout the year, focusing on the skills and knowledge they need in the specific areas in which they aim to excel. Employing graduate-level case method pedagogy and real world examples illustrating the basics of business, these courses are the best option for those who want to maximize their learning over a limited time, and sharpen their analytical and creative thinking skills. These courses are also recommended to those who want to experience business school and further consider obtaining an MBA, as the credits earned from MBA Focused Program courses can be approved as credits required for completion after enrollment in one of our school's master degree programs.

DeadlineDatesCourse TitleInstructor
3/174/15.16Critical ThinkingMitsuyori Miyake
3/244/22.23Leadership Under CrisisYutaka Harada
3/244/22.23Accounting EssentialsMasao Tsuji
3/314/29.30Management EssentialsYukihiro Makita
3/314/29.30Strategic NegotiationOsamu Ueda
4/75/6.7Managing OrganizationsHiroshi Uchikoga
4/75/6.7Sales NegotiationKeiichi Shimada
4/145/13.14Finance EssentialsSeiwa Tanaka
4/215/20.21Business Environmental Change and ManagementTakemasa Sekine
4/215/20.21Case Method in PracticeShinichi Takeuchi
4/285/27.28Creative ThinkingYuriko Sawatani
4/285/27.28Business EthicsSaneyuki Yamatsuta
5/56/3.4High Reliability OrganizationsLim Ricardo
5/56/3.4Entrepreneurial Leadership EssentialsKei Tsuchiya
5/56/3.4SME Business SuccessionKoichi Saito
5/126/10.11Business Model DesignRyusuke Koyama
5/126/10.11Leadership DevelopmentAtsushi Yamamoto
5/196/17.18Enterprise Value and SustainabilityMitsuo Ogawa
5/196/17.18Taxation Issues and Economic PolicyYutaka Harada
5/266/24.25Marketing EssentialsNaohiko Oikawa
5/266/24.25Design Thinking and Strategic ManagementYuriko Sawatani
6/27/1.2Crisis ManagementNana Otsuki
6/27/1.2Business Turnaround StrategyOsamu Ueda
6/97/8.9Driving Digital MarketingTed Katagi
6/97/8.9International Business LawHirotomo Abe
6/97/8.9SME Management StrategyShigekazu Hattori
6/167/15.16Transfer Pricing in Multinational EnterprisesShigeki Takeuchi
6/237/22.23Taxation and Business StrategyNobuyuki Nakamura
6/307/29.30Product Management AMikio Katsu
7/78/5.6Product Management BShinichiro Ando
9/19/30.10/1Critical ThinkingMitsuyori Miyake
9/810/7.8Managing OrganizationsHiroshi Uchikoga
9/810/7.8Case Method in PracticeShinichi Takeuchi
9/1510/14.15Business EthicsHirotomo Abe
9/1510/14.15MBA FinanceNana Otsuki
9/2210/21.22Accounting EssentialsMasao Tsuji
9/2210/21.22Healthcare Business Decision-MakingYasutomi Kitahara
9/2910/28.29Taxation Issues and Economic PolicyYutaka Harada
9/2910/28.29Taxation and Business StrategyNobuyuki Nakamura
10/611/4.5Creative ThinkingYuriko Sawatani
10/611/4.5Developing Entrepreneurial CultureIto Hiroshi
10/1311/11.12Finance EssentialsSeiwa Tanaka
10/1311/11.12Strategic NegotiationOsamu Ueda
10/2011/18.19Organizational Design for Digital TransformationMitsuo Ogawa
10/2011/18.19Leadership Under CrisisYutaka Harada
10/2711/25.26Marketing EssentialsNaohiko Oikawa
10/2711/25.26Creating an Effective Innovation CultureKei Tsuchiya
11/312/2.3Leadership DevelopmentAtsushi Yamamoto
11/312/2.3Business Turnaround StrategyOsamu Ueda
11/1012/9.10Management EssentialsYukihiro Makita
11/1712/16.17Critical ThinkingTakehiko Ito
11/2412/23.24Driving Digital TransformationKatagi Ted
11/2412/23.24Family Business and InnovationYasuhiro Ochiai
12/81/6.7Digital MarketingKei Tsuchiya
12/81/6.7Business Model DesignRyusuke Koyama
12/151/13.14Corporate Governance from Investors’ PerspectiveKoga Kentaro
12/151/13.14SME Business SuccessionKoichi Saito
12/221/20.21Driving Business Towards the SDGsGoi Hoe Chin
12/221/20.21Design Thinking and Strategic ManagementYuriko Sawatani
12/251/27.28Competing on Business Analytics and Big DataLim Ricardo
12/251/27.28Transfer Pricing in Multinational EnterprisesShinichi Takeuchi
1/52/3.4Organizational PsychologyPark Joonha

※Please note that the schedule may be subject to change.

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Diploma in Business Administration

About the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration is a program that aims to develop basic skills for an MBA through a course of study composed of 20 classes that cover the essentials of the MBA in a sequential manner over one year. The program is open to anyone whose level of education is that of a high school graduate or higher, and those who complete the program are eligible to take the entrance exam for admission to the business school's master's degree programs in order to further their education by obtaining an MBA or passing the Certified Public Tax Accountant exam.


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    Login or select "User Registration" and fill in the required information. (New users are required to provide certificates and/or diplomas and an ID photo.)

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    Click "Proceed to make payment" to pay course fees by credit card.

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    Selection Results

    Registrants will be notified of their selection results by e-mail on a later date.

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    Course materials are transmitted to participants in data format two weeks before the start of the course. Participants are expected to review the assignment sheet and all materials in preparation for the course.