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Case Center Japan

Case Center Japan, operated by the NUCB Business School, promotes understanding of case method-style education, considered highly effective in educating business leaders. The Center also aims to develop case method educators by organizing training, workshops, symposia, and other case method events.


The Center has adopted a membership system, aiming to contribute to society and tackle common issues related to case method by promoting the exchange of information and mutual study among faculty members.


Practical education based on accurate judgment is indispensable for managing the challenges faced by organizations. To achieve this, it is necessary to develop practical skills through many simulated experiences in a short period, for which the effectiveness of discussion-based education using case method is attracting attention. However, there are few platforms in Japan dedicated to the arduous and time-consuming task of developing and disseminating case materials, and unfamiliarity with case method is an obstacle to the achievement of learning. It is necessary for all institutions and individuals involved to cooperate in promoting and benefiting from case method teaching in order to extract its full value as a means of instruction. Therefore, NUCB Business School has resolved to act as a bridge.

Aim of the project:

  • Deepen understanding of the effectiveness of human resource development through the use of cases
  • Establishment of a centralized search and index system to obtain case materials suitable for each specialized area
  • Diversification and improvement of case type and quality through the translation of domestic and international cases
  • Provide opportunities to study and acquire ideas and methods related to the management of discussion-style classes using case method
  • Promotion of projects essential for developing personnel with an international perspective.

Training programs and events:

  • Organizing training sessions, seminars, and workshops to disseminate and improve the case method, and enrich its contents
  • Deepening case method education by holding opinion exchange meetings and curriculum development workshops for educators
  • Organizing development training, demonstration classes, and trial classes for newly developed cases to develop cases suitable for society's needs
  • Holding symposia and workshops on the application of cases with pioneering themes in the field of education, inviting lecturers from inside and outside Japan
  • Exchanging information and jointly developing curricula in cooperation with overseas business schools

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