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Case Method for Leadership Development

The NUCB Business School introduced leadership development via case method instruction in 1990. Business cases introduce management issues faced by both domestic and international companies. Studying these cases allows you to raise your practical management skills by simulating business dilemmas, thus allowing you to debate and make decisions based on hundreds of varied cases, all from the stand-point of the key decision maker in the firm.

As managers, you are required to have analytical and presentation skills, logical thinking capability, as well as leadership skills. Through case method at our institution, you will obtain these skills via group and class discussions, as well as lectures.

Center for Case Teaching & Learning

With the goal of brushing up the teaching quality of business schools’ faculty members, we have founded the Center for Case Teaching & Learning. At the Center, experts offer information about case method research through seminars and lectures. The Center also supports training of business school faculty members, company management, and high school teachers in the active learning style of Case Method.


1990 Case Method teaching introduced
2001 Class visits to IVEY Business School Asia Campus to develop Case Method teaching
2003 EMBA program by case method teaching launched
2004 Case Writing Capstone project introduced as requirement for EMBA program completion
2011 Case Awards commendation started
2011 Case Center (APCC) established
2012 500 collections of Cases housed at APCC
2013 Faculty members first sent to Global Colloquium for Participant-Centered Learning at Harvard Business School
2016 Introduction and training on Case Method teaching started
2016 1,000 collections of Cases housed at APCC
2018 Center for Case Teaching & Learning established
2018 Cooperation agreement on the translation of cases with Harvard Business School Publishing
2018 "Introduction to Teaching Methods by Case Method" published
2018 Hosted the Case Method Workshop by Harvard Business Publishing
2018 Online Case Method course established
2019 Succession of Case Center Japan from IIST
2020 Case Method Workshop with Harvard Business Publishing organized
2021 Case Method Workshop with Harvard Business Publishing organized - Live Virtual