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Nikkei Business School Cooperative Program

NUCB Business School, in collaboration with Nikkei Business School, offers a program designed to nurture business leaders who have the spirit and drive to take on challenges and can confidently respond to internationalization and digitalization.

About Nikkei Business School

Nikkei Business School, with the mission of "fostering human resources who can promote business globally and bring change and vitality to society," provides a venue for the development of world-class human resources through the collective efforts of the Nikkei Group. The Nikkei Business School provides a "platform" for learning together with excellent partners in Japan and overseas, and offers systematic learning programs for a wide range of people, from general employees to top management.

Leading Digital Business Transformation

The L-DX is a special program of the NUCB Business School, which features world-standard educational programs, faculty, and an effective learning environment. The program will be taught by Professor Tatsuyuki Negoro, a leading researcher on digital strategy and business creation since the 1990s, and Visiting Professor Daisuke Ueno, who has experience in promoting digital strategy in many companies after working in the trading, consulting, and distribution industries. Through case discussions, participants will learn the procedures for business reform through digitalization, how to lead in solving problems, and leadership in a practical manner.

Session Topics

  • Introductory lecture on DX
  • Case Studies: Advanced Omni-Channel Case Studies
  • Case Studies: DX in the Financial Industry
  • Case Studies: Manufacturing Companies Entering the Platform Business
  • DX for Japanese Companies: Discussion with Participants

Tatsuyuki Negoro

Professor Tatsuyuki Negoro

After accumulating a decade of work experience in the steel industry, he transitioned into academia. He attained an MBA degree from Keio Business School (KBS). In 2001, he joined Waseda University and has been actively teaching within the MBA program since 2003. Alongside his teaching and research responsibilities, he assumed the role of Director of Waseda Business School (WBS) and subsequently served as Dean from 2010 to 2016. He also held the position of Director at the Research Institute of Information Technology and Management at Waseda University. Starting in 2023, he has the position of Professor at NUCB Business School and Specially Appointed Professor at Shizenkan University. He has held several esteemed positions within academic and professional organizations, including the presidency of the Japan Society of Management and Information Management, the vice presidency of CRM Forum JAPAN, membership on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Systems Research, and an international advisor for Systems Practice. His contributions to the field of business strategy, business models, digital transformation, and platform strategy include the publication of more than fifteen books and over 30 academic papers.

Daisuke Ueno

Visiting Professor Daisuke Ueno

After graduating from Waseda University, Mr. Ueno joined Mitsubishi Corporation. During his tenure, he was transferred to Lawson, where he worked on the launch of Ponta and building alliances with Silicon Valley companies while earning his MBA. After leaving the doctoral program, he worked on a digital transformation project at Boston Consulting Group. After serving as the head of company-wide transformation at FamilyMart, he was appointed as the General Manager of the Digital Strategy Department after serving as the General Manager of the Reform Promotion Office and the General Manager of the Marketing Division. In 2020, he established DX JAPAN and has been engaged in supporting corporate transformation through DX advisory services to the management of several companies.

*If the maximum number of participants is reached, the application period may be closed even during the application period.

L-DX:Details (Due June 19, 2024)

Leading Change Management

As the economic environment undergoes rapid changes, it is essential for businesses and organizations to sustain growth by periodically revisiting their core operations and restructuring their activities in growing sectors. Developing management talent that can swiftly adapt to changes in the business environment is indispensable. "Leading Change Management" is a special program that extracts six key areas foundational to our school's Executive MBA - Marketing Strategy, Innovation Strategy, Strategic Decision Making, Leadership, Competitive Strategy, and Business Strategy. This program is designed for executives like department heads and division managers, offering an intensive three-day in-person learning experience to master global general management. It features lectures of a global standard through the case method, taught by leading professors representing each field, and enriches participants through discussions and interactions among them. It practically imparts core management knowledge and insights for leading organizational transformations. We look forward to the active participation of managers such as department heads and division managers.

Message from the coordinator

"The goal of the LCM is to provide an opportunity for enhancing management skills through rigorous exchange and refinement." Does reading management books improve management skills? Does listening to executives' speeches enhance management skills? The answer is likely no. Everyone recognizes that these methods are less effective because they do not involve rigorous exchange and refinement. Your current management skills are the result of your past work experience, unfortunately, they are neither more nor less than that. That's why it is essential to step away from traditional work environments and familiar colleagues, and engage in heated discussions with people from different industries. The material used for this purpose is selected business cases. These cases describe real-life situations containing significant management challenges. In these case discussions, managers from various industries gather under the guidance of an instructor to debate and refine their skills. New ideas and discoveries that cannot occur in the daily routine of work under the guise of corporate culture, as well as the pains and shedding necessary for growth, are born in the midst of these discussions. This is the true refinement of management skills. The EMBA is an MBA designed for executive managers. It is different from MBAs aimed at professionals who are about to make their mark in business management. The EMBA offers a platform for mutual study and refinement for managers who have already achieved success and recognition in their careers.

Program Coordinator
Professor Haruo Takagi
Professor, NUCB Business School / Professor Emeritus, Keio University

Session Topics

  • Marketing Strategy (Tatsuyuki Negoro)
  • Innovation Strategy (Yuriko Sawaya)
  • Strategic Decision Making (Yasutomi Kitahara)
  • Leadership (Haruo Takagi)
  • Competitive Strategy (Tsuyohiko Isobe)
  • Management Strategy (Yuji Nagasawa)

LCM:Details (Held in August 2024)

Leading High-Performance Team

NUCB Business School has pursued the advancement and internationalization of management education through traditional Harvard-style case method classes, aiming to nurture the next generation of leaders. Our joint program with Nikkei Business School, "Leading High-Performance Team," focuses on cultivating next-generation international leaders, acquiring competitiveness in the digital era, and driving new business creation. Together with professors and participants from diverse international backgrounds, we engage in case discussions to address business challenges faced by companies, fostering a leadership perspective from an international viewpoint. We believe that "leadership improves through education." Here, you will find an environment and peers to explore new possibilities, collaborate, and achieve further success. We hope you will take the courageous step forward, gaining the confidence to lead teams through management challenges.

LHT:Details (Held in November 2024)

  1. Educational Program by an International Standard Faculty

    Our program boasts a roster of top-tier professors with extensive practical experience and high research achievements. Participants can fully experience the quality of world-standard business education through our MBA program, which guarantees the caliber of education, even in collaborative courses.

  2. Networking with leading professionals from various countries

    Half of the participants are working professionals studying abroad at the NUCB Business School. You can learn and build networks alongside participants who are active at the forefront of business in Europe, Africa, Asia, and other regions.

  3. Practical Case Method Addressing Business Challenges

    Rather than unidirectional lectures, participants lead discussions that delve into complex issues without clear-cut answers. This interaction exposes participants to perspectives and ideas they might not have considered on their own, providing numerous insights.