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A leadership training program providing knowledge essential for today’s leaders

NUCB Business School offers a leadership training program which develops the awareness and behavior of a leader in every area using case method learning based on real situations. For the healthcare field, in growing demand for the aging society today, we offer the Healthcare Management Program. We also offer the Advanced Management Program, for young leaders to become capable of managing through difficult times and changing circumstances. Both programs will start from the Fall 2020 semester, featuring experienced professors with deep industry knowledge in the area of leadership training and crisis management. A certificate will be issued to those who complete the program.


The leadership development program is a two-weekend (Saturday and Sunday 4days) live virtual program taught by top lecturers from the NUCB Business School. Each theme consists of three subjects, and participants will acquire knowledge that leaders should know and develop a mindset together with like-minded peers.

Sustainability Acceleration Program - EN

Businesses today are faced with the challenge of collectively redefining the corporate ecosystem by focusing on how to create shared value for all stakeholders, present and future. This program equips business leaders with the tools they need to re-organize their firms toward new ideas of economic viability through environmental protection and social equity.

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Digital Transformation Program - EN

With digitalization being the primary driving force behind the evolution of operations in every aspect of business, command of digital tools is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage. This program demystifies digital transformation and explores its role in developing an effective organizational strategy.

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Advanced Management Program

This program develops the awareness and attitude required for leadership of entire organizations by instilling a management philosophy that embodies the will for sustainable growth balanced with corporate ethics, which legitimizes business activity. This program is designed to help you think about how you, as a leader, can transform your organization, develop your subordinates, and prepare a next generation of leadership.

General Management Program

Global human resources with international experience are employed by many top companies in various countries. In this program, you will learn how to take effective initiative by understanding different cultures and communicating while balancing multiple perspectives based on age, gender, political views, and culture. This program is designed for management that transcends geographical borders to maximize the benefits of diversity.

Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

With the growing uncertainty of the economy, there is a need for people who are willing to adapt to economic activity and take on new business challenges of their own. In addition to the creativity and management skills required for entrepreneurship and start-up ventures, this program teaches business know-how for establishing new business models, as well as the sensitivity to consumer and market needs required to be a successful entrepreneur.

Healthcare Management Program

As life expectancy rates rise and technology evolves, more and more attention is paid to issues of health, and the healthcare field is transforming day by day. This is a leadership development program to examine how to survive major changes in healthcare, and the types of goals and decisions required of leaders now that there are strong legal restrictions and uncertainties.



Case Method

3 steps to develop the management skills effectively by using case method

Management requires a wide- range of skills: analytical skill, logical thinking skill, presentation skill, and leadership skill. NUCB Business School develops these skills through the case method, in which participants repeatedly follow the three major steps: preparation, group discussion, and class discussion.

Source: L. A. Mauffette-Leenders, J. A. Erskine, and M.R. Leenders (2001), Learning with Cases 2nd ed., London, Ontario, Canada: Ivey Publishing.

  • STEP 1

    Individual preparation: case interpretation, hypothesis generation

    Participants receive the casebook in digital format 2 weeks before the class begins. They read the case and examine how a company succeeds or struggles. They need to complete their preparation by generating a hypothesis and considering questions assigned before the class, referring to the text and recommended books as prescribed by the course instructor.

  • STEP 2

    Group discussion: reach the conclusion through many discussions

    Participants start from the group session. They break into small groups as instructed beforehand, and each group goes into a group room to consider the hypotheses and analyses of each member, debating opinions and answers to assigned questions. Each member clears their thoughts and get a deeper understanding of the case.

  • STEP 3

    Class discussion: pursuing the best management decision in the class

    Participant discussion is facilitated and evaluated by the course instructor, who uses polls and discussion questions to encourage discussion, pushing participants to consider how a company in a scenario should proceed and fielding reactions to responses from other participants. This clash of opinions from different perspectives leads to deeper consideration of differing perspectives and approaches to a problem. The ultimate goal of case method is not reaching one conclusion as a class, but encouraging reflection on individual attitudes and approaches in preparation for situations similar to those in cases that they have studied and debated.

  • Case Method

    Managers are required to have logical and creative thinking as a leader. The case method enables budding professionals to obtain these skills through preparation for the courses, group work, and class discussions.


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