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Center for Strategic Management

Since 2005, the Center for Strategic Management has undertaken joint research, delivered training, and otherwise worked closely with numerous external companies and organizations, enabling the NUCB Business School to build long-lasting working relationships with a range of clients. The Center's customized programs currently include: a modular leadership development program for high-potential managers, a senior management development program, and a set of four modules on leadership, personal effectiveness, strategic thinking, and strategic marketing.

In May 2012, under the direction of Prof. A. Kobayashi, the then Dean of the NUCB Business School, the Center published the first issue of "Insight," a collection of selected outstanding research outputs from the school, followed by the publication of a second issue in May 2013. We will continue to publish "Insight" every year in May in order to disseminate our research to the wider business community.

2004 Strategic Architecture Study Group launched
2005 Center for Strategic Management established
2005 Strategic Management Symposium held
2005 Corporate training on Strategies for Finance and Management provided
2012 First issue of "Insight" published
2014 Study Group for Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Healthcare industry launched
2017 Study Group for Women’s Career Design Development launched
2020 Alumni networking activities enhanced

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