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Tradition & Innovation

Built in a prime location just fifteen minutes from Nagoya Station, the NUCB Business School's Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus was completed in June 2015 to mark the 80th anniversary of the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business. This campus is a dedicated campus for the graduate school of business and holds courses for Master's, Executive MBA, and Executive Education programs as well as a range of research, conference, and entrepreneurial activities. This fourteen-floor tower was designed to last for the next generation of educating global leaders with advanced management practices, built with the concept of merging tradition and innovation. Students and faculty can sense deep academic tradition as they walk through the main gates and first floor reception, while utilizing advanced technology in the classrooms on higher levels.


All campuses are located within a 1-3 minute walk from the terminal station. Students can transfer between the three campuses while still enrolled, if they have to relocate for work or other reasons.

  • Tokyo Marunouchi Campus, 2 minutes walk from Tokyo Station
  • Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus, 3 minutes walk from Marunouchi Station.
  • Osaka Campus, 2 minutes walk from Osaka Station.

Floor Information

The campus is equipped with horseshoe-shaped lecture auditoriums much like those used by business schools around the world, but designed specifically with case method and class discussion in mind. On the software side, the campus is equipped with wireless LAN, group rooms, and various online databases such as Nikkei Telecom, etc., creating an environment that responds to every need working professionals may have.

  • Theater Hall 300

    The top floor of the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus is the masterfully designed Theatre Hall. This elegant and open space is used for conferences, ceremonies and special events throughout the year....

  • Idea Room / Innovation Lab

    Originally designed for the purpose of the Business Innovation Program (BIP), which is the MBA program focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, the campus tower has four rooms with a uniquely de...

  • Auditorium 40

    For smaller class sizes, and in particular the School's Executive Education and Continuing Education courses, a limit on the number of students is as valuable as the quality of the participant. One...

  • Auditorium 80

    The core of NUCB Business School's case method pedagogy is directly linked to the physical environment where students spend their time in intensive courses. The School's campus has four floors of a...

  • Auditorium 160

    The largest auditorium style classroom in the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus seats one hundred sixty people. The main purpose of this room is to accommodate orientation, held twice a year for new s...

  • Research Center

    Faculty and students share space across two floors of the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus with private rooms for faculty and a shared study lounge, library, business center and conference room. All ...

  • Learning Salon

    Between the administrative office levels and classroom floors, the Learning Salon is a multi-purpose space which is capable of handling a variety of functions and events from study to networking. O...

  • Executive Seminar Room

    Executive conference and board rooms on the second floor and eleventh floor provide space for faculty and administrative staff to meet with corporate partners to strengthen our School's position as...

  • a common study room

    Learning Common

    On the 4th floor you will find the individual offices of our faculty along with the library, a common study room, the business lounge where students can use the printing facility and the case cente...

International Program

For working adults, studying abroad is almost an impossible option, considering the need to balance work and study. In response to this situation, the School established the "Working Professionals Overseas Study Support Program" in 2005 in cooperation with the world's leading Harvard Business School (USA), MIT Sloan (USA), IMD Business School (Switzerland), and Kellogg Graduate School of Management (USA). Each program lasts from three to seven days, allowing participants to have a fulfilling learning experience in a short period of time without leaving their jobs. Participants not only receive a scholarship, but also credits towards completion of their degree programs for their study at the training site.

Study abroad at an overseas partner business school with tuition waiver

Those who wish to do so can go on exchange (60 days or more) to over 120 partner business schools around the world. All of the business schools have acquired international accreditation and are ranked among the top MBA schools in the world, and are representative of their region. Students are exempted from paying tuition at these partner business schools and are also eligible for study abroad scholarships if they meet certain criteria. In addition, up to 10 credits earned in the study abroad program will be recognized as University credits.

Double Degree Program

The double degree program is an advanced course of study that allows students to study one year each at our partner business school and at Tohoku University, and to earn a master's degree from both business schools in two years. The tuition fee is only for two years at the university, and the tuition fee at the study abroad destination is waived.