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Ranked No. 1 MBA in Japan for four consecutive years

The Business School offers an internationally accredited MBA that will give you a leg up on your rivals. With campuses in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Marunouchi, anyone with the motivation can become an internationally valuable MBA holder from Japan. For more details, please contact us by requesting information or a consultation.


  • Scholarships for both international and domestic students

    Apart from support from governmental and non-governmental organizations within Japan, students from overseas may receive scholarships provided by the School. All programs at our institution are accredited by MEXT and enrollees with working visas receive government benefits.

  • Ranked #1 in Japan by the Financial Times

    The success and diversity of our MBA graduates has been highly evaluated, and we are the only institution in Japan to be ranked in the MBA rankings by the Financial Times, one of the world's most influential ranking publications.

  • 100% case-based lectures provide management experience

    The case method is used in all classes, using the latest business cases as teaching materials. By simulating managerial decision-making based on hundreds of diverse cases, students are able to enhance their practical management skills.


Brochure & Application Guide

Download materials that comprehensively introduce programs of study, employment, and international exchange at the NUCB Business School, as well as materials that introduce in detail the schedule and examination subjects of last year's entrance examinations, a collection of entrance examination questions, entrance examination data, and entrance qualification examination forms.

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MBA Student Voices

  • Anton Golukhov

    The MBA at NUCBBS been a great opportunity to meet interesting people from different places.

    Anton Golukhov, Russia
    Class of 2024 MBA

  • Jayson Young

    At NUCBBS, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with highly skilled and motivated people from countries around the world. In the process, I have also learned a great deal about my own ways of thinking and working.

    Jayson Young, Canada
    Class of 2026 MBA

  • Irina Sofía Cueva

    It is imperative that education transcends mere memorization and repetition, instead fostering critical thinking, decision-making skills, and collaborative abilities. The opportunity to engage with professionals from around the globe significantly enhances my educational experience.

    Irina Sofía Cueva, Argentina
    Spring 2024 Exchange

  • Alejandra Barreda

    Sharing classrooms with students from dozens of countries has allowed me to broaden my worldview, learn from different perspectives, and enrich myself both professionally and personally.

    Alejandra Barreda, Peru
    Spring 2024 Exchange

  • Stéphanie Mercier

    The interactions that are at the root of the case method have enabled me to identify and let go of my biases. This has also taught me how to be clear and concise so my point was understood by the audience.

    Stéphanie Mercier, Canada
    Spring 2024 Exchange

  • Nadia Belkouhia

    Studying at NUCB Business School has truly been an enriching and transformative experience. This journey has not only equipped me with the skills I need to advance in my career but also helped me discover my true potential to make a meaningful impact in the business world.

    Nadia Belkouhia, Morocco
    Lear Corporation
    Class of 2024 MBA

  • Aries Li

    When you’re interacting with so many interesting people from different parts of the world, it motivates you to learn something new.

    Aries Li, Hong Kong
    Hong Seng Bank
    Fall 2023 Exchange

  • Kouhei Yamamoto

    My experience at NUCB Business School cultivated three invaluable attributes within me: knowledge, taking action, and being a person.

    Kouhei Yamamoto, Japan
    Major Foreign Automotive Parts Manufacturer
    Class of 2023 MBA


  • Piyasanti Tuamsuk

    My educational experience at NUCB Business School has been the most challenging yet most enjoyable I've ever had. Learning alongside such a diverse student body and creating new friendships and networks has enriched my life experience tremendously.

    Piyasanti Tuamsuk, United States
    Omnicare Inc./CVS Health
    Spring 2023 MBA

  • Phelokazi Ndlebe

    At NUCB Business School, you come in and you leave different. You are encouraged to think critically and strategically in decision making coupled with real-life problem solving skills that anchor an innovative ethical business leader in society.

    Phelokazi Ndlebe, South Africa
    Eskom Holdings SOC Limited
    Class of 2023 MBA

  • Anna Tracy Mendy

    The case method provides me great insight to personalize learning from top global businesses and business leaders. These new perspectives will positively influence whatever stage a person is in their career.

    Anna Tracy Mendy, Gambia
    Class of 2022 MBA

  • Chad Balser

    Networking with individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences has been one of the most eye opening and mind broadening opportunities.

    Chad Balser, USA
    Class of 2023 MBA

  • Christian Parraga

    When deciding on a Master's degree program, it was important that the professors have practical experience. Through the program here, I hope to gain curated insights from experts in their respective fields.

    Christian Parraga, Ecuador
    Class of 2022 MBA

  • Zhikai HE

    This program is famous for its innovative approach to stirring critical and creative thinking. I hope to gain knowledge essential for a rapidly evolving business world and strengthen my ideas by learning from my peers and professors.

    Zhikai HE, China
    Class of 2022 MBA
    Atotech Chemicals Ltd.

  • Naoko Iwata

    You can broaden your horizons as you learn through friendly competition with people from various professions.

    Naoko Iwata
    Class of 2022
    Iwata Tax Accountant Office

  • Simon Peter Cook

    I sought the opportunity to participate in courses taught using the case method, which is not available at other Japanese graduate schools. I am already outside of my comfort zone and having to re-assess the previous mindset that I brought to work. I believe my new, broader approach will bring benefits to any organization I work with in the future.

    Simon Peter Cook, UK
    Class of 2022 MBA
    Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

  • Nils Anderlind

    Spiced with great peer interactions, challenging professors, and world-class facilities, the multidisciplinary MBA program is allowing me to widen my network with talented professionals from all over the world. The case method is the best teaching method to get the most out of the 4-day classes.

    Nils Anderlind, Switzerland
    Class of 2021 MBA
    Deloitte Consulting AG

  • Mona Abdelatif

    Through case method learning and exposure to the global market, I hope to enrich my decision-making and develop a vision for the future of business around the world.

    Mona Abdelatif, Egypt
    Class of 2022 MBA
    Egypt Japan University for Science and Technology

  • Won Kwon Kim

    I came to this school eager to improve my business skills and diversify my perspective on the global marketplace. The faculty here helps students expand their perspective and develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

    Won Kwon Kim, South Korea
    Class of 2022 MBA
    Epsilon Bioanalytics Co. Ltd.

  • Kishore Kumar François

    Interacting with a diverse group of peers and faculty in the MBA will deepen your understanding of international issues, organizational opportunities, and business challenges. As a generation of change leaders, you will develop a leadership attitude that considers diverse perspectives and societal needs in order to foster a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive world.

    Kishore Kumar François, France
    Class of 2022 MBA
    Kurimoto Educational Institute

  • Youjun Wang

    I want to learn how to run a company and be an innovative global leader through the program. I've been fortunate to meet and study with talents from many different countries. Student diversity opens the mind and encourages deeper consideration of case studies.

    Youjun Wang, China
    Class of 2022 MBA
    Suzuki Motor Corporation

  • Etsumi Sugeno

    My professors and peers have inspired me to solve critical business problems and challenged me to look at as many perspectives as possible. The program provides a wealth of experience with exchanging ideas and shaping them into solid solutions that can be practically implemented in organizations.

    Etsumi Sugeno, Japan
    Class of 2022 MBA
    OYO Technology & Hospitality Japan, K.K.

  • Ritsuko Ota

    Since I have lived my entire life in the media industry, considering my experiences in class brings fresh and stimulating insights. The best part is that I have made friends from various backgrounds who study with me.

    Ritsuko Ota, Japan
    Class of 2022 MBA

  •  Xiang Li

    Studying here has motivated me to work harder every day to be better than I was yesterday. I feel that my ability to think, interact, and make decisions has improved dramatically. In addition, through my schooling, I have been able to make valuable friends and meet a variety of people, which has expanded my personal network.

    Xiang Li, China
    Class of 2022 MBA

Nagoya Marunouchi Campus

The flagship campus of the NUCB Business School was completed in 2015 in front of Nagoya Station to become Japan's first dedicated business school campus. The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities providing every comfort and convenience required by today's scholars and practitioners of management science.

Open Hours: Tue.–Sat. 10:00–20:00 1-3-1 Nishiki Naka, Nagoya Japan