International students from Global Leader Program visited Brother museum this semester as well.

Visit to Brother Museum on November 28th

Every semester international students in our Global Leader Program visit several companies and business museums in Aichi prefecture to deepen their understanding of business in Japan. This time we visited Brother museum, exhibition hall of Brother Industries, Ltd.. As you may know, Brother Industries, Ltd. is a multinational electronics and electrical equipment company headquartered in Nagoya. Its products include printers, fax machines and sewing machines. We can view the history of Brother over 100 years through exhibitions.

The director of the museum presented the history, business operation and global strategy of Brother Industries. During a Q&A session, students asked questions about their marketing strategy and prospects for the company. In the exhibition room, students could learn the history through looking around the line-up of the past products and also trying sewing machines and typewriters. Some students used typewriters for the first time and they were into it. At the end of the exhibition, they could use the latest products, like Karaoke machines, tape label makers and were surprised about the innovation of products.

Students comment : "I didn't know Brother Industries, Ltd. originated in repair company of sewing machine. I could learn more about this company not only from the presentation but also touching their actual product. " Students could learn the high technology of Japanese manufacturing company and they are willing to visit other companies as well.

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