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The Most Dynamic Region of Japan

Greater Nagoya is Japan's third largest metropolitan area after Tokyo and Osaka. Home to front-running companies such as Toyota, Greater Nagoya is clean, safe, and an exciting area to live in. Located in central Japan, Greater Nagoya functions as the transportation hub of the country making travel to other destinations fast and easy. Moreover, because the area was once the home of warlords in Japan’s ancient times, it is rich in historical sites and Japanese traditional culture, attracting many tourists. A World Heritage site, Shirakawa-go, is within easy reach, and the city of Kyoto is located only 35 minutes away by Shinkansen. As such, Greater Nagoya is a place where a well-balanced synergy between modern and traditional cultures exist.

Greater Nagoya

A global business power-region, the area known as ‘Greater Nagoya’ is clean, safe and technologically cutting-edge. Home to front-running companies such as Toyota, Greater Nagoya produces nearly 1% of world GDP annually. Centrally located, Greater Nagoya functions as the transportation hub of Japan making travel to other destinations fast and easy. Lately, Nagoya has been booming with the opening of LegoLand and Gate Tower at Nagoya Station. Students enjoy the cultural and social scene of Nagoya that is a unique blend of tradition and modernity which spans as far north as Takayama and as south as the port area.

GDP Comparison of Global Cities

  • $364 billion / Nagoya
  • $331 billion / San Francisco
  • $220 billion / Munich

The Most Dynamic Area in Japan

Nagoya is a center of manufacturing craftsmanship, with strong connections to the automotive, aircraft, and industrial robot industries. A distinctive food culture exists full of local delicacies such as Kishimen (noodles), Tebasaki (chicken wings), Misonikomi (miso boiled udon), and much more. Nagoya’s population density is only one-third of that of Tokyo or Osaka. The city has a number of lush parks that are great for enjoying the weather, jogging, or taking part in the many seasonal events that are held in the city. It’s also a great place for enjoying professional sporting events such as baseball and soccer as well as the annual Nagoya Tournament of the Japan Sumo Association.

There are many well-known tourist spots, such as Hida-Takayama in Gifu or Ise and Toba in Mie, which are easily reached by train from Nagoya. Nagoya also has a well-developed public transportation network of subway and bus lines that make commuting or shopping very easy.

Downtown Campus

The NUCB Business School has 115 elite global partner institutions in 53 countries around the world. As the most globally oriented business school in Central Japan and one of the top leading business schools in all of Japan, the emphasis on study abroad and international exchange is a key driver of the mission at the NUCB Business School. For details about the double degree program and procedures for new applicants and current students please visit our dedicated page "International Program."

Located in downtown Nagoya, the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus has excellent access to the center of both business and culture. As a financial district of Nagoya, world-recognized companies have offices based in Marunouchi such as Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi Motors, Denso, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Yamaha, Noritake, Yamazaki Mazak, Nippon Sharyo, NGK Spark Plug, Makita, and Brother.

The neighboring district of Sakae is the center of culture, as well as commerce and shopping, which is only a 10-15 minute walk from Marunouchi. Moreover, Nagoya Campus is just a few minutes from the subway station and only a 15 minute walk from Nagoya Central Station. The easy access from the workplace encourages our MBA students to keep working while they study.


Exchange students are automatically allocated a comfortable, single-occupancy room in one of the NUCB Business School’s international student residences, allowing them to settle quickly and focus on their studies from the very first day of their stay. The residences are fully furnished, with each student room having electronic pass-key locking, Wi-Fi, bed and bedding, closet, desk and chair, desk lamp, toilet, Japanese style bath and shower, book shelves, AC/heater, refrigerator and freezer, washing machine, and balcony.

The Global Center accommodates 44 students, and is highly regarded for its multiple functionality and sophisticated Japanese-style design. It also contains a gym, cinema room and adequate common areas for international students to enjoy coming together in Japan. The Chiyoda Residence is located within a few stops by subway from the Nagoya campus and provides accommodation for 94 domestic and international students. This residence is located in central Nagoya, so in addition to being walking distance from the campus, students enjoy the lifestyle of living in near Osu Kannon, Sakae and Tsuruma Park.

Chiyoda Residence

Fully furnished, single-occupancy rooms create a comfortable living environment. Located in downtown Nagoya, the Chiyoda residence has a convenient 24/7 independent access and is a 3 minute walk to the nearest station.

Chiyoda 2-24-37, Nagoya, Naka ku
Subway "Kamimaezu" Station (Tsurumai Line / Meijo Line), 5 minutes walk.
Subway "Tsurumai" Station (Tsurumai Line), JR "Tsurumai" Station (Chuo Line) 6 minutes walk.


Higashiyama Global Center

The Higashiyama Global Center is a residence facility for graduate students, newly established in 2010. The facility has 44 single rooms and is also equipped with a seminar room, library, and a fitness center. Located in the suburbs of Nagoya, it provides residents with a serene living space and is a 5 minute walk to the nearest station.

3-15-2 Higashiyama Motomachi, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0804