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Amazonian Perspectives on Marketing Management

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Prof. Yang

For participants in Marketing Management, discussion of the latest marketing practices in diverse cases through the scope of cutting-edge marketing theories provides opportunities to realize their potential as tools for promoting products and services effectively.

Guided by Prof. Gyung Yeol Yang, who has over 20 years of experience working in the marketing industry and management experience at Cheil, Samsung Group, and ADK, students critically explore principles, concepts, and models from a practical perspective, facilitating understanding of the conceptual framework of marketing and its applications in decision-making under various environmental constraints.

Day 4 of the course was joined by Mr. Surya Sreekumar, Senior Program Manager of Amazon Japan's Business Planning department. During the 30-minute session, Surya answered students' questions about Amazon's advertising business, working culture, and competitive advantage.

Students of business discover the value of academic insights from their application and practice. Our faculty regularly invite corporate perspectives to cement course content, establishing a firm foundation in management principles.