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MBA for Business Succession

Tradition with Innovation:
Rethinking Heritage for the Next Generation

The succession of a business is the inheritance of the history, culture, and philosophy of a company. Entrusted with this responsibility, the business successor must construct and educate an internal mentor who can be consulted in moments of doubt. How these fundamental decision-making processes are developed, employed, and mastered is the key question the MBA program for business succession answers.

By studying the structural strengths and weaknesses of family businesses and how to communicate with stakeholders such as partners, employees, and clients, an effective business action plan can be built to shape a new future for the company. Taking into full account the foundation and history of the business, its internal organization, and its relationships, the final decisions made by an owner-manager will establish the management style and leadership strategy that will pave a path of continued success for the benefit of the next generation.  


  • Claire, France

    This school's greatest strengths are its case method and global presence.

    Claire, France

  • Yaoki, Japan

    Classmates are well diversified in nationality, industry, and experience. Hence, I can learn a lot and broaden my perspective.


  • Kavitha, India

    Because, Nagoya is a leading economic market, I wanted to do my Masters here, at the NUCB Business School.


  • I realized that one casual word has potential to evolve into an idea that has never been thought of before and make new connections.

    Daigo Ito
    Senior Managing Director

  • Yusuke Masai

    By using the case method, I realize that I can acquire practical knowledge and a strong sense of know-how by putting myself in the shoes of top management.

    Yusuke Masai
    Graduate, March 2017

  • Keisuke Hiraiwa

    I feel that the elements of behavioral economics have elements that can be adopted little-by-little in business.

    Keisuke Hiraiwa
    Enrolled April 2015
    Pfizer, Inc.

  • Had I stayed in my home country, I would have missed the opportunity to engage with instructors and students from all corners of the world. Through exposure to new mindsets and ways of thinking, I was able to accelerate my professional development.

    Matthew Kronick, USA
    Spring 2019 MSc

  • Reiichi Murakami

    As a working doctor with only a monthly salary, I was tormented by a sense of crisis when I realistically thought about taking over my family's medical corporation. In an age when users choose medical institutions, an MBA can be a great weapon.

    Dr. Reiichi Murakami
    Graduated March 2016
    Murakami Shinmachi Hospital 
    Vice President

  • Coming from a very remote, developing country in the Pacific – Kiribati – the NUCB Business School provides more prospective opportunities to learn business in-depth from a global perspective. The courses are structured more conducive to active participation, open sharing and exchanging ideas and thoughts with rich diverse people (students) whom they have more realistic and exciting experiences and thats what I value the most.

    Teeta Erikate, Kiribati
    Global Leader Program, '18
    MSc in Management

  • My choice of NUCB Business School as my exchange destination was driven mainly by my longstanding fascination for the Japanese culture and way of life. And the Global Leader Program combines that exposure with a great mix of students from across the world.

    Kruti Kharod,India
    Fall 2017 Exchange Student
    IIM Calcutta

  • The curriculum of the Global Leader Program offers me the opportunity to attend classes with a very different course structure and content than at my home institution HHL. That way, it is a perfect complement to my Master studies in Germany. The case based study method which stimulates class discussions is a very good way to learn about new concepts and strategies of business leaders while it offers the chance to gain insights from the manifold backgrounds and experiences of the students themselves.

    Viktor Winkler, Germany
    Spring 2018 Exchange Student
    HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

  • I chose the NUCB Business School in order to gain a greater insight into Japan's business practices and culture. My family has a coffee business in Hawaii and many of our customers are from Japan. I plan to run the family business after completing my MBA and I wanted to increase my understanding of Japan's language, culture, and business practices so I can better serve our customers. I've even thought that one day, I may expand the family business into Japan!

    Kendall Kunitake, USA
    Fall 2017 Exchange Student
    Shidler College of Business, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

  • Takeshi Tsuzaki

    Most of my career so far has been in the medical and nursing care industries, but being able to discuss common topics with people from various industries has broadened my perspective. I have also been able to evaluate my company objectively, and its actual performance has been improving.

    Takeshi Tsuzaki
    Graduated March 2017
    Sanctity Inc.
    Representative Director