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SME Management Consultant qualification

The major feature of this program is that while participants learn the basics of management systematically, they do the management consulting training 5 times in 2 years, at SME in various industries such as manufacturing and distribution.

As the management consulting training is based on the knowledge learned in the classes and led by faculties who are the consulting professionals, participants can deepen the understanding, and enhance the practical ability. They can also develop the ability to advise and consult towards the SME managers. We have received high reputation from the alumni that they gained the confidence as management consultant through the management consulting trainings at the SME, which led them to be the independent consultants or to start their own business, and they can apply what they have learned in the program to the actual consulting scene.

About PgDip in Business Consulting

All the classes adopt practical case method, and have the curriculum which enables participants to obtain the skill to overview the entire management of corporation as SME Management Consultants. The classes based on discussion proceed from the basics to the advanced, and to the further expansion in order, which should be easy to follow for those from science field or beginner of business economics.


  • The number of the companies of management consultant training


  • The number of the alumni who obtained the qualification of SME Management Consultant


  • Practical and concrete suggestion for managers fighting to survive

    The enterprise managers are fighting to survive in the diverse and complex world of today. We provide the courses to become the SME Management Consultant who would be chosen as the closest partner for them. Not to mention that the participants obtain a variety of specialty knowledge of management, marketing, finance, corporate governance, with courses developing practical ability to apply the knowledge to actual business situations, through case method and management consulting training.

  • Obtaining both the SME Management Consultant qualification and MBA

    The curriculum of SME Management Consultant training course is targeting to people who have passed the 1st exam of SME Management Consultant, and is linked to EMBA courses. Participants can obtain both national qualifications of SME Management Consultant and EMBA master’s degree (business economics) by meeting the condition for obtaining degree and taking the consulting training course (20 credits).


  • Yoshiaki Saka

    As I have been working for a foreign-capital company, the practical and global decision-making which I could obtain from the voluminous case methods, which is a characteristic of the learning at NUCB Business School, as well as Harvard Business School, is very much useful for the further improvement of my skill. In addition, learning at NUCB Business School which has international accreditation can equal the experience of learning at the business schools abroad with international accreditation.

    Yoshiaki Saka
    Completed the program in September 2018
    Sales director at an automotive-related foreign-capital company

  • Tomoe Nakagawa

    It was a valuable experience to be in an environment where I could compete seriously with other students with various careers. I have learned there are things I cannot achieve despite my best efforts, but at the same time have discovered my own assets which I value and can improve upon. Now, I continually challenge myself to something new, making the best contribution to my business which, as someone who has obtained the SME management consultant qualification and MBA, I am now able to do.

    Tomoe Nakagawa
    Completed the program in September 2017
    Working for a major consulting firm

  • Kosuke Ueda

    The people in the discussion group are from various industries and various job positions. You need to be logical and plain when expressing your opinion to be treated as an equal peer and get the agreement. I came to focus not only on the theory but also on the way to utilize and communicate.

    Kosuke Ueda, Completed the program in September 2017, Working at a major IT company

  • Takashi Kunisu

    It was an invaluable experience to find an environment where I could engage in serious, friendly competition with my schoolmates from various careers in a strict but fun environment. I learned that there are things that I cannot catch up with even if I try hard, but on the other hand, I was able to find strengths that I need to develop, which has become an asset for me. While constantly challenging myself to do new things, I am pursuing a contribution to the community that only I, as a small business consultant and MBA graduate, can make in my actual business.

    Takashi Kunisu, Completed the course in September 2016, Working for the financial institution

  • Hiromu Shitayama

    I became to think about the company entirely, like “what can be done to improve the productivity of the organization?” and “what is required to achieve that?”, rather than about the individual way of work. Not only the improvement of my own skill, it is one of the attractive points of NUCB Business School that I could meet the companions who I can keep company with for my entire life.

    Hiromu Shitayama
    Completed the program in March 2015
    Business advisor at Itsuki Business Partner Co., Ltd.

  • Yoshihide Ando

    As being a managing position in my company, the learning of case method and SME consulting training are very useful in drawing up the mid-long term management strategy with management team.

    Yoshihide Ando
    Completed the SME management consultant course in March 2013
    Representative at Toho Flower
    Co., Ltd.



Complete subjects in 4 days over 2 weekends

The shortest possible period for obtaining EMBA is just a year. The result of concentrated learning can be applied to the work next week. In the class, participants seek for the answer for the assignment, adopting the opinions of faculty and other participants through the group session and class discussion, based on their own answer developed in the preparation. Repeating the discussion leads the participant gain the broad view and management consulting skill based on deep analysis.

  1. Building Foundational Skills

  2. Building Leadership and Corporate Accountability

  3. Understanding Financial Markets

  4. Leading Global Businesses

  5. Driving Growth Through Innovation

  6. Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Case Method

3 steps to develop the management skills effectively using case method

Analyzing skill; logical thinking; presentation skill; leadership skill; management requires wide-ranging skills. NUCB Business School develops these using the case method repeating the three major steps: preparation, group discussion, and class discussion.

  • STEP 1

    Individual preparation: case interpretation, hypothesis generating

    Participant receive the casebook in digital format 2 weeks before the class starts. They read the case and examine the reasons the company may succeed or struggle. They need to complete hypothesis generating of the assignment before the class, referring to the text and recommended books the faculty present.

  • STEP 2

    Group discussion: reach the conclusion through many discussions

    Participants start from the group session. They break into small groups as instructed beforehand, and each group goes into group rooms and share the idea of each member, exchanging the opinions for the assignment. Each member clears their thoughts and get a deeper understanding for the case.

  • STEP 3

    Class discussion: pursuing the best management decision in the class

    Participants discuss under the facilitation of the faculty, using polls and raising hands to speak, about questions such as “the project of this company seems to be about to fail, should they proceed? Do you agree or not?”. This leads to a deeper consideration through opinions from different perspectives. The ultimate goal of case method is not in reaching one conclusion in a class, but in reflecting the participants’ own attitudes in the case that they face the same situation they read in the case in the future.

All the classes adopt practical case method, and have the curriculum which enables participants to obtain the skill to overview the entire management of corporation as SME Management Consultants. The classes based on discussion proceed from the basics to the advanced, and to the further expansion in order, which should be easy to follow for those from science field or beginner of business economics.

This SME Management Consultant training course is linked to EMBA (Executive MBA) course. Please see the EMBA page for the curriculum and learning environment of EMBA.


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    NUCB Business School offers info sessions and individual consultations in Nagoya and online. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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